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Abnormal & constant vaginal bleeding

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Abnormal & constant vaginal bleeding

Hello, my name is Holli and I'm 18 years old.

I'm looking for some advice, I have been in and out of the doctors and hospital for over a year for bad pelvic pain and cramps, I have had an ultrasound scan and they couldn't see anything that was a problem, yet I still have really bad pain. 
As well as this, I have had abnormal bleeding for around 5/6 months now and it began with just abnormal bleeding on and off (more like spotting) but now for around 2/3 months it's been a constant bleed (a lot of the time more like a flow than spotting). I'm constantly having to use tampons or lads everyday and it's really uncomfortable, and I'm always tired and worn out. I've been tested for STI and all came back negative. I've been my GP a few times and I just keep getting pushed away saying "see how it goes" but it's been like this for a while. I have the implant since October time but I've had the abnormal bleeding since before then, and pains for over a year now. 
I was just looking on some advice on what I could do because I don't know what or where to go next, but it's not getting any better.

Thank you.


Hi Holli

I think you need to go back to your GP and ask them to refer you to gynaecology for investigation if this has been going on for so long.  I kept a really comprehensive diary on my phone calendar of what was happening every day so that I had concrete information to present to the doctor.  It sometimes helps to have it all written down to take to your appointment as it's easy to forget things if you're feeling a bit anxious.


No missed or abnormal smears. Odd symptoms started in April 19.

Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma 2b with one lymph node involved on 1/7/19.

Started 11 weeks of chemo on 15/7/19.

Started 25 external radiotherapy on 26/8/19.

2 brachytherapy and end of treatment on 6/10/19. 



I totally agree with what Wendy says. 
Keep a diary of symptoms and push for a referral to gynaecology for further investigations.

Good luck xx

11th March 2019- 1st ever abnormal smear. (Never missed a smear)

1st May 2019 - Colposcopy with LLETZ

9th May 2019 - diagnosis ?1B Villoglandular adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN;

22nd and 23rd May 2019 - MRI/CT

29th May - MDT meeting. MRI/CT clear. Amount of tumour 1A stage.

13th June 2nd LLETZ with top hat procedure 

3rd July Confirmed staging 1A1, clear margins on 2nd LLETZ. Scheduled for laparoscopic hysterectomy, keeping ovaries.

29/8/19 Total Laproscopic hysterectomy with ovarian conservation.

26/9/19 pathology confirms NED:-)

10/3/20 1st follow up including vault smear. Biopsy of presumed granulation tissue.....Confirmed negative :)


I agree with Wendy and Lotty. Definitely return to your doctor and push for a referral. Maybe take someone with you for support. You know your own body better than anyone. Best of Luck!

x Maria

Diagnosed CC 01st August 2019 Stage 1b2 with 1 local lymph node involved. Something else showed up on pet scan. Treatment delayed for surgery, done on September 9th. Found to be a simple ovarian cyst, 1 ovary and tube removed. Treatment plan 5 chemo, 25 radio and 4 brachy. Treatment start date 02nd October 2019. Treatment end date 8th November.

February 2020 3 month scans NED

August 2020 9 Month scans NED