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Can't see how anyone is getting on?

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Can't see how anyone is getting on?

I had been following a few other ladies stories to see how they were getting on, but I noticed I couldn't click on their most recent posts? It takes me back to my own page.


Does this mean they have posted in a forum I have no access to. Obviously I am assuming the worst.





Hi Kim

if you try to access posts in the “advanced” forum and have not got access to it, you will be taken back to your own page. Don’t worry!

11.9.18:Hysteroscopy/punch biopsies

18.9.18:CC diagnosis-2b

19.9.18:Pelvic MRI

24.9.18:CT pelvic + abdomen/thorax

1.11-24.12.18:4 cisplatin, 32 radiotherapy

10.12.18:Pulmonary embolism

18.2.19:Post treatment check up

28.02.19:Pelvic MRI

02.04.19:3 month check-NED