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CIN3 treatment success and HPV

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CIN3 treatment success and HPV

Hi. I'm new to this forum. But I am struggling with worry after in September I had an internal examination over longer periods than usual as I was 24 still too young for my first smear. The Dr seen something and referred me for colposcopy. She explained she thought it was ectropion cervix so i turned 25 as I was still waiting for colposcopy referal a month later and got my smear results as high risk HPV and high grade/moderate cell change. They rushed my colposcopy appointment through and this biopsy shown CIN3 in December. I have recently in February had loop excission and had my results to say all cells were successfully removed and no further treatment at this time. I'm still sick with worry that in August when I go for my follow up smear that my hpv will not have gone and the cells will be back.

What if the HPV doesn't go away 

The thought of being only 25 and not being able to have more children if the cells keep coming back is really playing on my mind. I have one child but I can't face the possibility of not being able to have children. Am I thinking to much in to all of this