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Cone Biopsy Results on Thursday

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Cone Biopsy Results on Thursday

Hello everybody,

I had an abnormal swear(LSIL) in April, a colposcopy in May confirmed LSIL and HPV 52. My consultant did a cone biopsy on 7th June. He removed two areas and sent them off to pathology. He said he thought that it was in the early stages but that he couldn't confirm anything until he saw the results.

I get the results on Thursday and I'm just sick to the pit of my stomach with worry. I live abroad so my family aren't around. I'm dealing with consultations in a foreign language. I have an 11 year daughter who is starting to ask questions about why I have so many doctors' appointments and am I sick.

Sorry for the thesis but I just needed to get it off my chest to someone who knows what it's like to have your life on pause...


Hi Goforit,

It is a really worrying time waiting for results. It’s quite normal for your mind to be all over the place / I know mine was. I hope the results are positive for you so keeping everything crossed. 

The forum is really great for support too.

good luck xx