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New to here. Blister on Cervix

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New to here. Blister on Cervix

I went to the clinic yesterday because I have bled twice, that was lasted over a day each time, with a lot of clotting. I know this is not normal, so I went in.

The doctor looked at my cervix first and said it was inflamed. Then he decided to do a Pap Smear. He said I had a blister on my cervix, which is where the bleeding would have come from. I asked him if he knew what it could be. He said he had never seen this before. 

Has anyone had this before? Yes, I am very scared. I am 44 years old, my periods are mostly normal, with the exception it was a 28 day cycle now to 24-25 days, the last 4 months. Also, my period is very very heavy and I lose a lot of clots, during the entire period, and some clots are quite big.



I've just posted a similar post... I just had my routine smear test today with the same kind of outcome that the nurse hadn't seen it before. Now it's a waiting game for the smear test results and I'm not very good at waiting!

Did you get any results yet?