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Posting on the forum- Please read

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Posting on the forum- Please read

Hi all,

Unfortunately the forum is still being affected by pesky spammers. In order to block the spam messages being posted we are having to manually publish new posts. This means that new posts won't appear on the forum immediately. We will be checking the forum regularly over the weekend to make sure they are published on the forum as soon as possible, but do bear with us. Please note that this is only the case for brand new posts, if you are commenting on an existing thread then your message will appear straight away.

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please be reassured that this is just a short term solution and we are working hard to find a long term solution to this spam problem.

Any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact

Best wishes


Have been treated for cervical abnormalities over 20 years ago. Now recently abnormalities have returned. Times have changed and as they are mild was tested for hpv. As I have tested negative for virus have been told can go back to normal testing which is 5 years as I'm over 50! Feel quite vulnerable as this seems a long time to wait and find out if abnormalities have gone, stayed the same or got worse. Wondering what you lovely people think of this wait? Thinking perhaps I will have to pay privately to have a smear done in a years time. Nurse and doctor told me they should return to normal but watch for signs like bleeding or swollen leg. Concerned for women who can't afford to go privately as not all cervical cancer is caused by hpv. If I start a petition to highlight this problem would you sign? Think this is a serious issue which should be addressed all petitions over 100,000 has to be discussed in parliament. 


Hi not sure how to start a new topic .


I would like to share my story to everyone please could you advise me .


Thank you 


Hi, I posted a new topic yesterday afternoon but I can't seem to find it x


Hi all I'm new on here, I was diagnosed in June with cervical cancer with a 6 cm tumor on cervix and spread to the muscle each side with lymph node involvement! They will only operate on tumors up to 5 and a half cm! So I an two weeks away from my sixth and final round of chemo which I tolerated very well, then mri and ct scans, then five weeks of radiotherapy, Mon and Fri internal and the rest external and then talking about maintenance avastin.....would love to hear from anyone in similar circumstances xxxxx


Is this still the case as I have tried to post a new topic this eve and cant find it now :( 


Hi, sorry clearly didnt read this before I tried to post the same thing 3 times... sorry! Ill be patient and wait for my post. Thanks! 


Ah, no wonder my post didn't show up right away. Sorry, I think I also "saved" 2 times. Should've read this post first. Please pin this post on the top. Thank you!


Hi Ladies!

How do I create a new post?

Thanks in advance~

Rebecca Shoosmith
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Hi nursesarah

Apologies for not responding to your post sooner. 

To post on the forum you need to;

  • click into the category that is most relevant to your query or message e.g. cervical screening or colposcopy.
  • Click on the grey button near the top of the page marked 'new topic'
  • Enter a subject in the subject field
  • Write your message in the large body box (please make sure you've read our guidelines)
  • The click on save near the bottom of the page

Please note that as a new member of our online community, you will not be able to see your first 2 posts until a moderator has approved them so there may be a little bit of a delay. After that, you'll be free as a bird to post whenever you like!

I hope that's of help to you.

Best wishes


Rebecca Shoosmith
Head of Support Services & Deputy Chief Executive
Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust
so worried

help i do not know how to post only reaply

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Hi, I am struggling to work out how to post a new thread? Could anyone help me direct to the right place? Thanks.

Positive CIN 3.  Awaiting Treatment. 

South Wales