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Private messages - spam warning

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Private messages - spam warning

Hi everyone,

We want to make you aware that some users are receiving spam or suspicious messages via private message. We are dealing with the issue to make sure our forum remains a safe space for all of you. If you get a message that seems suspicious, please don't engage with it and let us know by emailing [email protected]. Thank you for being vigilant and please do pass this onto anyone who needs to see it.

Warm wishes,


Imogen Pinnell

Health Information Manager

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust



How do I write a post  in the forum? 

My profile says I can, however the forum says I can not. 


Little confused. Thanks. 

July 20 - abnormal smear Low dyskaryosis & HPV

July 20 - Colposcopy. Confirmed low dyskaryosis & high. Suggested inbetween? 3 cluster of abnormal cells all cut off and sent to lab. 

Awaiting Lab Results. 


Hello, I have just had a letter saying I have HPV and that my changes to cells are "Low Grade Dyskaryosis". I am waiting for my hospital appointment letter for the colposcopy but am freaking out. I have been married for 5 years and my last smear was 3 years ago and clear. Does this mean my husband has cheated on me?? And does anyone know what Low grade dyskaryosis actually mean? I am so scared and don't knwo what to do!