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Related experiences??? And results???

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Related experiences??? And results???

Hi all,

my story so far...... i would like to hear others with same symptoms and their results please?

i came off pill 14 months ago and have had irregular bleeding ever since. I thought it might be my body getting back to normal but its taking a long time, i cant even figure out my cycle due to how irregular my bleeding is. 
i have been having postcotial bleeding for over 3 months now (always looks like a murder scene 🙈) 

i went gp 2 days ago she said i have cervical cell changes and has referred me to colposcopy using 2 week rule my app is next mon. 
i have had abnormal smears before (no treatment needed just monitoring due to hpv) and my last smear 18 months ago was all ok. 
Im worrying a bit and im sure im fine but would like to hear other peoples symtoms and reults. 

thanks x