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Welcome to the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Online Forum

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Rebecca shoosmith
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Welcome to the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Online Forum

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the new Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Online Forum, we're glad you've found us and hope that you find the service helpful.

Please take the time to read our updated Online Community Guidelines to get a feel for what the service is all about and how to help keep the forum a safe and supportive place for women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.

The posts from the previous forum can now be found in the category 'Old Jo's Trust Forum'. Old posts are now read only so if you wish to continue a discussion on a particular topic, please start a new 'thread' in the relevant new category e.g. Colposcopy. Over the coming weeks we will transfer the last few months worth of posts into the new categories. After this, we will then designate a single category to store the archive posts so that you can still find them to read should you wish to.

Messages that were posted over the weekend on the temporary forum will also be transfered over the new forum in due course.

Whilst the new forum has been designed to be easier to use, we understand that you may have questions about functioning or where to find things so, if you do have any queries, please get in touch. You can either send me a private message, email me at [email protected] or reply to this post.

Thank you for your patience while we all settle into the new software but I hope you will enjoy using our improved service!

Best wishes
Rebecca smiley

Rebecca Shoosmith
Head of Support Services & Deputy Chief Executive
Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Rebecca is there a way you can follow topics that you have posted in? In the old forum I could click on a tab and it would show me the threads I had posted in and if there had been any new posts. I find that I don't use the forum as much now as I find it difficult to follow. Thanks

Smear - April '11 Biopsy - June '11 Diagnosed CC stage 1B age 28 LLETZ - July 11 MRI - Aug 11 Surgery - Lymph node removal and Second LLETZ - Sept '11 No spread found, no lymph node involvement Clear smear - Feb 2012

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I'm finding the same...I am using the forum much less as am finding it harder to keep up with posts that I have been following. xx

Sept '10 - diagnosed 2B CC adenocarcinoma Chemoradiation/brachy - completed 22/12/10 Confirmed radiation damage to bowel 7/11 1 year all clear - 12/11 Diagnosed with bile acid malapsorption due to radiotherapy - 12/11 2 year NED 11/12


The only way I can keep up is if I remember the name of the topic and come across it again by chance which isn't ideal. I think many if the changes on the forum are excellent for example I think it is appropriate to have separate forums for those enquiring about fertility from this struggling with the loss of fertility. I do feel though that much experienced users are less likely to comment on topics from users concerning colposcopy etc. the old set up had all sections together and the reason I came back on after treatment was to show support to new users to pay back for the support I got when I first came on but since the sections are now split by nature I'm less likely to go into the precancer stage sections. 

Smear - April '11 Biopsy - June '11 Diagnosed CC stage 1B age 28 LLETZ - July 11 MRI - Aug 11 Surgery - Lymph node removal and Second LLETZ - Sept '11 No spread found, no lymph node involvement Clear smear - Feb 2012


Hi everyone
I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 12/03/13. Ithen ent on to havean MRI scan very quickly afterwards then my pre op on 20/03/13.
After my pre op all I was told is that the cancer hasn't spread and is about 1cm. All my surgeon is saying to me is that I'm booked in for a rad hysto on 10/04/13, I don't feel as if I'm getting a choice to have any other treatment and as I already have 2 children I feel that I'm being railroaded into it as they keep saying that I won't meet the criteria to keep my fertility.
I'm 32 now and my partner and I had been trying for baby number 3 since January but none of that or what I want seems to matter.
My head is all over the place and as everything is moving so fast I don't feel like I'm getting a chance to get things straight in my own head. I need to no what options I have as I don't want to go through with a hysto then end up depressed down the line.
My surgeon didn't even tell me what stage the cancer is at.
I am one very confused girl at the moment.


hi im new to this forum, iv been having 6monthly smear tests the last one was a 3wks ago and the results was cervical screening was normal but it also showed a high risk hpv presence what does all this mean? iv got a colposcopy on the 3rd of june, im not sleeping and consantly thinking about it! could some1 put my mind at ease many thanx 


hi, i dont know if im writing in the write section as im new to this website after coming accross topics of the same nature to what has happened to me so far.. i had a smear test which came back normal and was expriencing bleeding after intercourse so was referred to the colposcopy depertment to look closer in may this year where they found abnormal area and had to do a pinch biopsy 3 times. i then had to wait for results in post which came back as cin 1 which im told i dont need treatment as it cures itself?? after the biopsy me period was late a week longer then normal.. and this time its late again is this still due to the biopsy in may.. im not on contraceptive though! just woundered if any of you have or are experiencing irrergular or late periods then before the biopsy occured im worried?


Hi everyone, my name is Chantal and just under 2 months ago I attended my first smear test aged 28. The results came back abnormal and I was sent for a colposcopy. The colposcopy showed some high grade cell changes which I was told were pre cancerous. I have just been for the LLETZ procedure 10 days ago and am struggling to get back to feeling like myself again- I feel very tired and drained and am going to the doctors tomorrow to make sure there is nothing untoward with my recovery.


I have found it quite lonely as I dont think my friends and family always know what to say or how to act around me, which I understand, but I just wanted to thankyou for posting on this site, it has helped me to understand what I am going through and know that I am not alone in all this