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White patches on cervix

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White patches on cervix

Okay, help I am panicking! Had the worst health anxiety since having CIN3 and LLETZ 4 Years ago. I’m on annual smears since and they have so far been normal, next one due in July. However, last few months been experiencing some random spotting, light pink discharge, happened a few times. Went to the doctors and she can see white patches on my cervix ! Referee me to gynae. Now I am thinking all sorts, like how I always get period pain even when it’s not my period. And how my lower back is horrendous these days (which I usually blame on my 2 children under 2yrs) so adding all these symptoms together and thinking the worst! Any one heard of white patches on cervix before?? 

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Bless you Smurph...did you get to go for a Colposcopy?.....if so, hope your biopsy went ok.

I've just had the Lletz treatment a cpl,weeks ago! Waiting for results.

Like yourself, been having chronic pain in my back and groin for ages...makes me walk like I've got a Watermelon between my legs!

Its a constant grind once you've been diagnosed with HPV and had to go through Colposcopies, a Lletz or Cone biopsy etc...almost feels like a waiting game...mental torture worrying about whether or not it's coming back!

I've had years of persistent high grade...felt like a bloody 'yo yo!!!'..it'd appear and then go away and then come back!!!!!

All I can advise is to be in control of 'it' rather than allow 'it' to be in control of you!

You're doing the right thing by staying aware and getting it checked. If they find anything, just be assured that they will get rid of it for you.

I know it's like mental torture..like having an unwelcome shadow following you around but just tell yourself that you're in control and no matter what...the good ol' NHS are on your side and will do whatever it takes to send those cells packing gal!

Just know that you're not on you're own petal....sending hugs xx becky