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Worried about Symptoms

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Worried about Symptoms


Sorry in advance for the long post...

I am very worried at the possibility of having cervical cancer. In July 2018 I was prompted in to having my smear test done (which was a little over due) because I had been having lots of (what I thought) was foul smelling discharge. My smear result came back as normal but the month after I started to occassionally bleed vaginally after bowel movements. I went back to the doctor who treated me for possible Bacterial Vaginosis. This made no difference and I don't think I ever had this as I didn't have any of the other symptoms.
I came off the pill in November 2018 as we wanted to start trying for our second baby. I got pregnant in February 2019 and the bleeding got worse. I went back to my doctor who took swabs to check for infection and did an internal examination but said she couldn't see anything. At 9 weeks pregnant I had quite a big bleed so went to hospital and was examined again. This time I was told I had a cervical ectropion which should resolve itself.
Throughout the pregnancy I had a few more bleeding episodes and a constant yellowy discharge. I put this down to the ectropion. I also would get leukocytes and blood show up on my urine tests despite no infection and never had an answer for this.
When I went in to labour in October, I began to bleed. A doctor came in to examine me and said she could feel a polyp and not to worry and that it would come away during labour. I've since been worried about this as I am sure she didn't actually look, just felt so how would she know this? Also, nobody had ever mentioned that I had a polyp before!
I had my first period 6 weeks post birth which was extremely heavy. I thought I was going to have to go to hospital at some points before it started to ease. It then stopped but on a few occassions I have had a bloody discharge when wiping. I have also developed a pain on my right side and sometimes in my lower back. I am now on my second period since birth which again is worryinly heavy. This past week I have also developed an ache in my right groin.
I went to the doctor today who worried me by saying that smears are no longer looked at if you are HPV negative (which I was) which means I could have had an incorrect 'normal' result. I am worried that I could have had cervical cancer for at least 18 months and now it has spread and caused all these other symptoms. She has referred me for a trans vaginal scan but I haven't had a date for it yet. Has anybody else been in this situation with all these symptoms? I'm a little worried to say the least!

Thank you.