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Worried... new to the site

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Worried... new to the site

Hi I feel like abit of a hypocrite posting on here, but I'm so anxious and worried right now and needed somewhere to write all this down. I'm a 27 mother of two. ive always had normal straightforward regular periods up until a couple of months ago. Ive been bleeding practically 3 months straight with a couple of days break here and there. im suffering from terrible back pain whic is also new to me and google is coming up with cervical cancer! I went to the doctors two weeks ago they done an internal on me which lasted maybe a miniute as the doctor couldn't see much due to all the blood! They also swabbed me to check for stds and infections the swab had come back clear. i have another appointment next week where they say they'll be referring me for a scan and maybe to a gyno. im petrified and have convinced myself that its cervical cancer. Oh I forgot to mention I did have a smear between 6 months - 1 year ago which was clear So maybe that's reassuring I don't know? I just wanted to ask you ladies what symtoms you had and what will happen after my scan. Thank you for reading x 




I'm new here today.  Sorry I cannot offer any advice as this is new to me also.


I hope you are ok and have had some answers x