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Anyone in Durham?

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Anyone in Durham?

Hi Ladies,


I am based in Durham and would love to help support Jo's for all of the emotional support they have given to me during my times of worry. Is there anyone in this area who would like to join me in promoting and fund raising?



8th Dec 2014 Smear High grade/Sever dyskaryosis

22nd Dec 2014 Coloscopy - Nurse explained smear result said possible cc but said she would know more when she looked at me during colospcopy (very anxious times)

 4 punch biopsys and endometrial pipline biopsy -  Told at coloscopy small area, not of major concern from what the nurse could see

30th Dec 2014  call from hospital confirmed CIN 2 on punch biopsy, pipline biopsy clear

20th Jan 2015 booked for Loop LA (hoping for all clear after this) :)



I'm leeds- originally from Middlesbrough so not too far away from Durham! Rally your friends- it's fab everyone's spread out all over the country, we can all spread the word further!!!

It would be so lovely to actually meet the people who are helping me with this everyday .

Lots of love


Hi jillybean

I'm east durham! I found your post after thinking that I would like to do something for Jo's trust!

3/5/12 first smear 25th birthday - HPV and borderline changes

May 12 Colposcopy - biopsy HPV cin2 and cin3

Jul12 Colposcopy - 1st Lletz HPV cin2 and cin3/CIS 

Oct 12 Smear - all clear, told to come back in a year

Oct 13 Smear -  HPV borderline changes

Mar 14 Colposcopy - biopsy unclear, sample too small, colposcopy showed abnormal cells in os

MDT - NFA follow up smear in 6 months

Nov 14 Smear - HPV borderline changes

Dec 14 Colposcopy - biopsy abnormal cells though unclear, colposcopy showed abnormal cells

MDT - referral for Lletz requested by my fantastic nurse. Granted!

4/2/15 Colposcopy - 2nd Lletz


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Campaign and volunteer with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust