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diagnosed this week

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diagnosed this week

Hi all I'm 32 n misse

d 3 smear test went n now I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer iv only had 1 partner and have 3 kids to him .. The coloscopy shown up it was the size of a penny will have a full mr  scan tomorrow and find out my results on the 17th  has any one been in a similar way just want to know your stories x

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Hi you need to repost!

Molly x

13.8.14 abnormal smear

26.814 colposcopy and punch biopsies

11.9.14 lletz under GA. Told likely cc.

19.9.14 MDT confirmed cc stage 1b

23.9.14 Ct scan (clear) admitted for heavy bleeding. Silver niterate applied.

26.9.14 MRI 10.10.14 MRI#2 both clear

11.11.14 radical Hysterectomy

21.11.14 no further treatment required


:( may you get rid of this soon

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