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Hi everyone
I haven't been on for a while,but i thought i would come on and let you all know that i got my results back from my last mri scan,and i cried when i heard that there is no sign of the diease.I know that i still have to go and have more scans and check ups,but i am so happy,and i would like to thank jo's and everyone on here,i could'nt of got through it without all the help and advise.
Thank you all
I am going out with my family at the weekend to celebrate xxxxxxxxxxx :D


Well done you! :D It's great to have some good positive news! Have a glass of wine for me, it still tastes horrible if I drink it, an after effect of chemo I think!!

Julie M :mrgreen:

[color=#FF40BF]Diagnosed 1b1 cc
Rad hysterectomy Mar 08 given all clear.
Recurrence June 08 upgraded 3b cc in lymph nodes. 6 weeks chemo/radiation
Kidney failure led to bilateral urethric stents.
Cancer free Nov 08!
Lymphoedema April '10[/color]


Great news!!

1b3 Adenosquameous cell CC.Trachelectomy 18.11.05 (stage 4 Endo treated). Chemoradiation 03.06.[b][color=#BF0040]10.08.11 - discharged & cancer free[/color]![/b]

[b][color=#BF40BF][i]"Be kinder than necessary 'cause everyone you meet is fighting some kin


Thats brill news :D

Love Tracey xx

Rad hysterectomy 2004/cancer back - chemo/ radio 2005/cancer back for second time - total exenteration 23rd August 2006/May 2008 plumbing went wrong to stoma more cancer found removed some maybe more chemo will discuss with oncology in sept 2008


thats wonderful news

take care
love corinne

diagnosed 6/3/07 with stage 1b1, radical hysterectomy 14/3/07, lymph nodes clear and all cancer removed


Brilliant news, you go and celebrate girl.

Diagnosed CC 2B 5/8/08 - Aged 37
5 weeks Cisplatin/ 20 External Radiotherapy/15 hours Brachytherapy
MRI March 2009 - ALL CLEAR Yippee....
EUA May 2009 - All clear still.....100%
July 2010 - Awaiting colonoscopy and cystoscopsy. - Radiation Damage


Excellent news.....
Enjoy now and think about the rest later.
i like you, cried when i got the news....just a build up of emotions and huge relief
so i feel i kind of know where ur coming from....
Stay strong..... uve done great to get where you are x x x

Diagnosed Oct 8th 2007 : Aged 32
C.C Stage 2b
Cancer free 18th April 2008!!
July 2009 surgery to remove part of intestines due to rad' damage, ileostomy fitted. :(


Congratulations on getting the all clear. You must feel fantastic right now.


abn smears Feb/Aug 07 D&C and cone biopsy Nov 07 CIN3 and polyps. Vaginal ultrasound 220408. Fibroids and ovarian cysts. Clear of CIN every year since, but cervix never recovered from the op.  It leaked blood from mid cycle until my period every month until I began menopause.  The big hole left by the biopsy took years to fill and the scar tissue still bleeds very easily at smear time.  Completely celibate since the procedure. 


Congratulations, you must feel so pleased. go out and celebrate big time!!!

lindsay xx

feb 07 - adenosquamous carcinoma stg 2b age 38, no children trial to shrink 8 x cisplatin,no joy, 6 more, 25 radio and 5 HDR end 1st oct 07. MRI in May, no cancer spread lots of radiation damage. checkup in feb good, back again in june

michele v

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Fabulous news :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

[color=#00FFBF]michele xxx[/color]

simple hysterectomy June 2006
radical vaginectomy and lymphadenectomy Dec 2006
oopherectomy June 2011


Fantastic news! Congratulations :D

Claire x

Dec 07 Mildly Abnormal Smear
Feb 08 Colposcopy - Cervical wart
March 08 Loop - (Verbal) Wart+ cin3
Back in 6 months for smear.