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just wanted to post a message on the 1st of march it will be exactly 1 year since i came home from work and got the dreaded letter.

my letter said i had an appointment to see the muti disiplinary team...i didnt know what this meant so i rang and the nurse explained i had cancer!!!!

i had my rad hyst on the 14th march.

it has taken me a full year to start to feel "normal" again and i am looking forward to my future.

i would like to wish eveyone new and old for all your help and support for the past year...without jo's and your wonderful support i dont think i could have got through it.

keep up the good work everyone

love corinne

diagnosed 6/3/07 with stage 1b1, radical hysterectomy 14/3/07, lymph nodes clear and all cancer removed


Am so please for you health and happiness to you - am going in for a cone biospoy on the 17th March so its quite poignant that you went in a year ago, I hope all stays positive and well for you xxxxx

Abnormal Smear Oct 07
Colospcy Dec 07
Cone Biospy Mar 08
Advised Cancer stage 1a1 May 2008
Hysterectomy - 27th June 2008
1st f/up - results clear Aug 08
2nd f/up - results clear next review April 2010


Hi Corinne

What a great milestone. Tx for sharing.


Diagnosed with CC 4/12/07, radical hyst 13/12/07 incl ovaries.
All cancer removed and lymph nodes clear!
3 monthly check ups.


Hiya Corinne
I am so glad to hear your life is getting back on track & you are looking forward to your future, I wish you all the luck possible.
I had my miscarriage last year on 9th March & there is a strong possibility I will be in hospital having either cone-bopisy or hysterectomy around that date this year. So much can happen & your life can change so quickly.. if someone told me 12 months ago there is worse to come I dont know how I would of coped, but you do, we all do.
I am so pleased to hear your health & hapiness is returning & you can enjoy the rest of whats ahead.
Best wishes
Jill xx

Jan 08 CIN3 & LLETZ
Feb 08 Diagnosed Micro-Invasive Cancer 1A1
March 08 Loop Biopsy
April 08 Cancer free result, still CIN3
6 monthly clear smears/colposcopies since.


Hiya Corrine,

Happy Anniversary, maybe not the right words but you know what I mean.
So glad your doing ok, where does the time go? Hard to believe that in the darkness back then that the sun would come out again, but it does.

take care and loads of good wishes for the future.

love Helen :) :)

Cone biopsy for stage 1B2 CC Nov 06, Radical Hysterectomy & Node removal Jan07 Now on 6 mth follow ups, all clear so far Face Book : Helen Mara Midgley 


Hi Corrine ,

glad you are starting to feel better.

You have been a great support also to lots of people on here myself included have had kind words of support from you ,

Love and best wishes Tracey xx

Rad hysterectomy 2004/cancer back - chemo/ radio 2005/cancer back for second time - total exenteration 23rd August 2006/May 2008 plumbing went wrong to stoma more cancer found removed some maybe more chemo will discuss with oncology in sept 2008

queen bodecia

Hi Corinne,

I can hardly believe a year has passed. It's a year ago today that I had my rad hyst. I remember all of it really clearly, I don't suppose it's something I'll ever forget. But a year on, life is back to normal, and some days it just all seems like a bad dream...

We've come so far chick. I'll join you in raising a glass or two tonight eh...? :)

Clare xx

1B1 squamous cell CC Dec '06 aged 38. Radical hysterectomy and lymph node dissection March '07. 3 years clear and discharged by hospital!


hi corrine

my this is a popular time of the year, it was a year ago for me on 27th feb, and it has been a quick year, by all accounts a very eventful year, but gone quickly for me, although my friend will tell you all otherwise.

but if feels good to know thats a year crossed off the calendar with many more to come.

luv to all

lindsay xx

feb 07 - adenosquamous carcinoma stg 2b age 38, no children trial to shrink 8 x cisplatin,no joy, 6 more, 25 radio and 5 HDR end 1st oct 07. MRI in May, no cancer spread lots of radiation damage. checkup in feb good, back again in june


well done corrine! You got throught it and you should be proud of yourself!
I hope you are having a good few drinks to celebrate!!!
have a great weekend! love and hugs Kat xxx

1b2/2a cc.diagnosed 29/10/07 aged 26 radical hysterectomy 11/12/07 kept ovaries+had egg retrieval 14 eggs in storage!13/02/08-chemo/radiation+a looong brachytherapy completed 19/03/08.MRI scan 21/05/08 PET scan+all clear!

lymphodema confirmed in both legs, vaginal stenosis, pelvic radiation disease and telangestasia in bladder- currently under 6monthly EUA +cystoscopy due to 'abnormal cells' on the blader wall, 'I've won the battle but not the war'


Hey hun we have come through this journey together in the last year all us 'rad hyst' girls and shared friends from jo's. I am too a year and 1/2 down the line and finally feeling better! its a long journey but we are getting there!

Thanks for being a great support too - enjoy your celebrations hun

love Jo*

Diag Adenocacinoma 1b1 after having a CLEAR smear test Feb 06 went to Docs again April 06 to ask for a colposcopy!!! listen to your own body ladies :+)
Rad Hyst and removal of 33 lymph nodes Sept 06
All clear 6th Oct 06

Always live your dream ****

Ali D

Hi Corinne

I am so happy for you - 1 year on - I have followed your story. I am also celebrating this month 3 years on!

Lots of love

Stg 1b cc, lletz Apr05, halt trach Apr05 due to preg, double cone & stitch May05, c section Dec 05, lymphectomy Feb06, EUA Mar07, EUA/cone Jul07 with diagnosis of endo cervix, abdominal suture Aug08, c section and ab sut removed Jan11


hi that's great. It's also really useful for us who have recently had surgery to get an idea of how long it has taken others to feel "normal" again. I suppose because its not obvious from the outside (apart from the old scar!) others dont always realise how profound an effect the surgery can have both physically and mentally. At the moment I am really struggling to find the person i was before cc again. So thank you for giving me hope and enjoy the celebrations!

Luce x

Luce x
1B1 adenocarcinoma. Rad hyst 19.12.07. baby Max Louis lost same day

Ali Bags

I echo Luce's sentiments - it's great to hear from people at different stages of recovery. I'm 6 months down the line and keep thinking I'm 99% recovered but have recently been going to bed at 8pm! I get so knackered so easily and find it hard to do anthing at all in the evening. I'm doing an undemanding job too - god knows what it would have been like if I was still teaching.

Congratulations to all of you for getting to a year and may you have many more happy anniversaries!

Alison xxx

Diagnosed with 1b cervical cancer July 2007. Radical hysterectomy August 2007 (age 40) kept ovaries.


Well done! I know how you feel. It too will be 1 yr on the 9th since I finished my chemo/radio therapy. I'm sure there will be alot of us out there giving ourselves a pat on the back and a few glasses of wine to celebrate. Here's to the next healthy year ahead!!
Kim x

[color=#FF8000]Diagnosed Stage 2b cc - Dec 06
4 x Cisplatin Chemo, Radiotherapy & Brachytherapy ended March 07
5 years cancer free Nov 2011[/color]


hi Corinne - hope you had a little celebration! it is hard to believe how much happens in a year! thank you too for all your support, tidbits and kind comments!

to many more happy healthy years!

2b squamous cell 5 cisplatin; 30 external; 5 internal radiations finished treatments december 12th 2007



good to hear well done you are a great support and with all you have been threw your self all the luck in the world

debi x

diagnosed with 2b cc at 29 weeks pregnat had chemo/radiotherapy and internal radiotherapy 7 lots ov chemo and a c section to deliver ellie august 2004 treatment finished dec 04.


Hey Corinne,

Well done you! Having watched (or rather read) your story with interest, its great to see you coming out the other side. It always brings a tear to my eye when I read how life has begun to mean something again after the complete and utter trauma we have all gone through!

Onwards and upwards, a day at a time, and a long and happy life are my 3 personal goals and I'm sure its the same for most of us on this site.

Take care of U


Chelley 41 Diagnosed 1b1 cc 4/5/06, rad hyst 31/5/06. 7 Chemo sessions 24 Jul to 4 Sept. Further MRI Feb 2007 for Pelvic Pain...No recurrance...fibrous tissue/abnormal healing, CT scan 18 May 07 still all clear! Thank the Good Lord!


Hi Corinne, i just wanted to say i read your post while I was feeling a bit rubbish in hospital after my rad hyst op, it gave me hope that I will feel normal again it still seems a long way off but I take each day as it comes Loz x

diagnosed with cc 8/1/08 adenocarcinoma 1b1
radical hyst incl ovaries 26/2/08