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1 year all clear

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jill strachan
1 year all clear

just letting all of you girls,ive been all clear for 1 year. My consultant at the Q. E in Gateshead is fantastic. She came in to see me last week even though she didnt have a clinic. I do have a small bleed from time to time from scar tissue,which frightens me. Im thrilled that im all clear after 1 year ,my only complaint is my body has gone drastically downhill since i had my ovaries removed. I know this is lack of estrogen but im trying to get my HRT right. Does anybody feel the same? I dont like myself, i dont have the confidence that i did before my op. Im eating very healthily but i cant loose weight. Can anybody give me any advice or tips on this subject. I know this isn`t importanr when youve had CC and beaten it (so far) but i want to feel happy about myself again. Just thought i'd have a moan. LOts of love and happiness to you all Jillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Clear smear March 07. Diagnosed March 08 stage 1b1. Rad hyst, 18 lymph node dissection, ovaries removed. Clear 36 months Attend Queen Elizabeth Gynae-Oncology Centre..

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great news that you've been clear a year. i sometimes find that using this forum emphasises the problems we have and the positive can, quite naturally, get lost as we are all more likely to post when we are worried and want support, certainly that's when i post!. I don't know about hrt because i'm going cold turkey on the menopause - had started before all this happened anyway. a friend of mine lost lots of weight throughout the menopause going to weightwatchers. she went cold turkey too but is the age for it also. i am going back to weightwatchers next week. i had lost a lot of weight before my diagnosis but have put lots on through comfort eating, i think, and also adjusting diet for after effects of radiotherapy.
i think having cancer means that things will never be the same again and there is a long period of adjustment to this post diagnosis person which i am struggling with too, not helped by physical after effects of treatment. i've started having some counselling through maggie centre and am finding it helpful.
best wishes

diagnosed with stage 1b october 2008, hysterectomy attempted and failed november,chemo and radotherapy, suspected recurrence, clear mri july09 biopsies taken july 09 showing scar tissue. Bladder cancer diagnosed 2010 ( possibly radiotherapy response, very unusual). Currently all clear but left with continence issues.

2016 possible recurrence, awaiting further tests


Hi Jill,

Congratulations on reaching that milestone.... Great news...

It takes some adjusting to when you have had treatment and its a long healing process.... Have you tried any natural remedies like black cohosh root.... I didnt want hrt, so went for the natural remedy instead.... It worked for me, but everyone is different...

Try and give yourself a little "me" time.. You have been through a very difficult year, with yourself, then claire, then having to support Lynne & Bob too....

sending you huggles...

Take Care.

[color=#FF0000]Diagnosed Jan `02 Stage 2b - Radical Hysterectomy & 5 weeks radiotherapy. Recurrence followed by Pelvic Exenteration Jul 03.
8 years clear Jul 11.[/color]



congrats on the all clear. I agree with the previous poster try and get plenty of "me time".

Any woman who can come through all of this and beat it is in my mind already one of the most beautiful women in the world!

Take care

Clo xx

March 13/09 first smear in 11yrs
April 6/09 positive smear CIN3
April 16/09 Colposcopy and LLETZ down graded to CIN2 borderline CIN3 - awaiting biopsy results.
May 5/09 CIN2 confirmed with clear margins.


hello jill,

so pleased for you honey.sending you lots of love after everything you have been through.hope you are celebrating in style.lisa.xxxxxxxx

cc may 07.surgery. lymp nodes pos.chemo,radio,brachy,abdominal abscess-surgical drainages.complications with kidneys from treatment.Stent in. aug 08 reconstructive kid surg.feb 09 stent back in..june 09 stent out and so far so good!!!

jill strachan

Thanks girls for all of you kind words. If you saw me you would probably think i was stupid going on about my weight coz im a small size 12,but when you arent happy wiyh yourself its hard,however im determined to beat the menopause and get back to the way i was. Lots of love Jill xxxxxxxxxxxx

Clear smear March 07. Diagnosed March 08 stage 1b1. Rad hyst, 18 lymph node dissection, ovaries removed. Clear 36 months Attend Queen Elizabeth Gynae-Oncology Centre..


just wanted to say that i really understand how you feel, and the effects of CC go on even after you get the all clear,for us it doesn't just end there. i haven't been on HRT for that long so don't really know what advice to give, but i've felt so sad that i'm not my old self so i do know where you're coming from. for me what has helped is starting to do some of the things i always used to enjoy like yoga and salsa which i'd just started before i got my diagnosis. doing these things, whatever they are has helped me to feel like i';m getting back to being me. sometimes just doing the things i know i enjoy then makes me feel more like me. don't know if that makes any sense but guess HRT can only give us the hormones we need, some of the rest of it needs more than that. is just hard to know what that is xxxx

Diagnosed 1st August 2008. Adenocarcinoma, stage 2b. IVF. Lymph nodes removed. 6 weeks chemo followed by 6 weeks chemoradiation and 2xbrachytherapy. Stomach abscess-surgical drainage.
07.04.09 - all clear, no sign of any tumor!!!

queen bodecia

Hi Jill,

Just wanted to congratulate you on reaching such an important milestone!

Love & hugs,

Clare xx

1B1 squamous cell CC Dec '06 aged 38. Radical hysterectomy and lymph node dissection March '07. 3 years clear and discharged by hospital!


Hey Jill

Congratulations hun on being a year clear - fantastic!!

Love Jo x x

Diag Adenocacinoma 1b1 after having a CLEAR smear test Feb 06 went to Docs again April 06 to ask for a colposcopy!!! listen to your own body ladies :+)
Rad Hyst and removal of 33 lymph nodes Sept 06
All clear 6th Oct 06

Always live your dream ****


Hello, great to hear you've made it to 1 year, woooooo hoooooo!
I have some scar tissue as well, I think that's quite common. Hope you're doing really well and don't worry too much about your weight (I know that's easier said than done.... I'm exactly the same)!!
Jess xx

Diagnosed 1b1 August '08. Trachellectomy 31 August '08. Lymph nodes clear 10 Sept '08. Success! =)
First 3-month checkup Dec '08.


Woohoo......Hi there you and I must be official 'remission buddies' as it was my anniversary yesterday
Congratulations!!! I hope you celebrated as much as I did.......but hope u dont have the hangover to match mine!!!
Well done chick......Keep on keeping on!!!! x x

Diagnosed Oct 8th 2007 : Aged 32
C.C Stage 2b
Cancer free 18th April 2008!!
July 2009 surgery to remove part of intestines due to rad' damage, ileostomy fitted. :(


great news jill

but you do not need to loose weight you are too bloody skinny as it is...get some more easter eggs eaten


diagnosed 6/3/07 with stage 1b1, radical hysterectomy 14/3/07, lymph nodes clear and all cancer removed


Hi Jill

Congratulations on this great news, how time flys by I can't believe how the time has flown since I had my op last year too. Really great to hear you are doing so well, sorry you are unhappy with your bod, I do know what you mean, I seem to have to spend more time at the gym just to keep everything at bay and the hrt thing is hard to get right aswell.

Really good to hear you are doing well.

lots of love

Jane aka Isi Diagnosed CC Nov 07, Rad Hyst 2 Jan 08 and Lymph node removal - Lymph nodes clear! 3 Monthly checks.


Hi Jill
Just read your news, I just want to say congratulations!!!!!! Fantastic news!!

Lots of love & hugs

jill strachan

Hi girls
Thankyou so much for all of your good wishes,they made me smile and thats got to be good. I really enjoyed reading them. Thanks again. Love and happiness to you all Jill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Clear smear March 07. Diagnosed March 08 stage 1b1. Rad hyst, 18 lymph node dissection, ovaries removed. Clear 36 months Attend Queen Elizabeth Gynae-Oncology Centre..


Hi Jill - congrats on 1 year all clear!!! great news. I can't help with the HRT because I am not taking it but can relate with the weight issues. We've had a terrible winter where I live and it was tough to get out and exercise and I noticed I put on weight a lot easier now. Luckily the warm weather is starting around here so I am getting out and getting more exercise which is helping with the weight.

take care

2b squamous cell 5 cisplatin; 30 external; 5 internal radiations finished treatments december 12th 2007


Congtaulations on your one year all clear. I am so pleased for you.

September 07 Abnormal Cells.
October 07- Colposcopy/Leetz and biopsy under GA . Large Leetz done.
End October 07 Results - CIN 3 with clear margins.
April 09- Abnormal bleeding
July -EUA/ Smear/ Colposcopy/ Leetz and Biopsy.
Results: Cin 3- Margins Clear.