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1 year clear

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1 year clear

Hi all,
I haven't been on Jo's for ages as I'm overseas with limited internet access, however I have just made it to 1 year post my trachelectomy last year. I'm ecstatic about it, although the anniversary has definitely brought up mixed feelings and I am still working my way through it all.
I had a round of checkups early (after 9 months or so) due to my travel, and I won't be having another check until at least January next year... so I am missing a checkup but trying not to stress about that fact!
I hope you are all well and I will pop back on soon to see how everyone is doing
Jess xxx

Diagnosed 1b1 August '08. Trachellectomy 31 August '08. Lymph nodes clear 10 Sept '08. Success! =)
First 3-month checkup Dec '08.

Mellissa Crowley



m xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Radical Hysterectomy for adeno clear cell carcinoma cervical cancer stage 1b in 2001 at the age of 23 - CC caused by DES Exposure- Ovaries Conserved. 10 years all clear! Discharged from The Royal Marsden April 2011 [email protected]


hey jess hun,

sending you loads of hugs and hope you are enjoying your travels. :D take good care hun.lisa.xxxxxxx

cc may 07.surgery. lymp nodes pos.chemo,radio,brachy,abdominal abscess-surgical drainages.complications with kidneys from treatment.Stent in. aug 08 reconstructive kid surg.feb 09 stent back in..june 09 stent out and so far so good!!!


hello mrs, hope you're having a fab time. i guess reaching that one year mark is a strange time but its also very psoitive!

lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxx

Diagnosed 1st August 2008. Adenocarcinoma, stage 2b. IVF. Lymph nodes removed. 6 weeks chemo followed by 6 weeks chemoradiation and 2xbrachytherapy. Stomach abscess-surgical drainage.
07.04.09 - all clear, no sign of any tumor!!!


Hi Jess,
I've wondered how you're getting on. Hope you're having a fab time abroad, you ballsy chick. I had my one year (since diagnosis) a few weeks back and it was definately bitter/sweet. Glad you're muddling through and living life to the max! Take care and keep checking in when you can.


Diagnosed CC stage 2a) 11/08/08, hysterectomy 10/09/08 ovaries conserved, cancer found in 1 lymph node, 5 weeks external radiotherapy.Treatment finished 17/12/08. Subsequent checks - granulation tissue present but no cancer found, yipee!