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1 year clear (fingers crossed)&check-up today!!

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1 year clear (fingers crossed)&check-up today!!

Hi girlies,

Well, i have butterflies in my stomach today! I have a check-up today. I asked for it to be bought forward, as it was originally scheduled for the end of Jan but I've been having bleeding now and then after sex and been having a bit of backache so you can imagine, my thoughts have been going into over-drive! Now, previously i probably would've been able to just think "hmm backache i'll have to sort my office chair/matress" etc etc but obviously i've made a link in my mind with the bleeding, and voila ITS back! So i just decided bugger it, i may aswell know one way or another, before christmas.

When the appointment came through, it was on my 'anniversary' day of when all the treatment finished. So fingers crossed, i will be able to say i've been clear for one year by the end of today. Oh god i hope so. I have had issues with granulation tissue in the past so i'm hoping that's what the bleeding is about. Hmm once agian i find myself almost chanting "granulation tissue". Jesus, i hope these check-ups get easier with time. Its still one hell of a roller coaster!

Any positive vibes at 2.30pm today will be greatly received.

Thanks girls.


Diagnosed CC stage 2a) 11/08/08, hysterectomy 10/09/08 ovaries conserved, cancer found in 1 lymph node, 5 weeks external radiotherapy.Treatment finished 17/12/08. Subsequent checks - granulation tissue present but no cancer found, yipee!


I will be thinking of you at 2.30 and hoping that its good news for you :)

Please let us know the result.

Take care.


May 09 Abnormal smear
Nov 09 Severe dyskaryosis smear
Dec 09 Colposcopy & cone biopsy. Awaiting results
Jan 10 CIN3 confirmed
Apr 10 Smear - all clear


Hope all went well for you today. Many good vibes coming your way.

Jane xxxxx

Abnormal smear May 03
Hysteroscopy & Endometrial Biopsy
CC diagnosed
MRI Scan
Cone Biopsy
Hysterectomy Sept 03
All clear! Oct 03
Clear vault smears ever since - feel so lucky!
Oct/Nov 09 Scan & biopsy
Results all clear feel double lucky now!


really hope you got good news today and that by now you're one year all clear!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Diagnosed 1st August 2008. Adenocarcinoma, stage 2b. IVF. Lymph nodes removed. 6 weeks chemo followed by 6 weeks chemoradiation and 2xbrachytherapy. Stomach abscess-surgical drainage.
07.04.09 - all clear, no sign of any tumor!!!


hi Haf,

i hope you got good news today and it would be special anniversary for you then.

lots of positive vibes and massive hugs are going to you.

Gosia xxxx

abnormal smears
15.5.09 - CIN II - lletz under GA and under LA 3 months later
31.8.11 - normal smear and now i am on 3-yearly smears
08.12.10 - rare ovarian cancer,stage 1
25.11.11 - microscopic colitis
16.02.12 - MRI scan of the pelvis