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1 Year on here......

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1 Year on here......

A year ago today I found the guts to register here on Jo's :D :D :D

What a welcome I got and at last I no longer felt alone and scared, I was still scared, cancer has that affect, but I got to ask alot of questions from pepole who knew where I was coming from and understood what I was going through and somehow it didn't seem soooo scary any more, I even went as far as to ask what to wear when in hospital...... :D :D BJ's and PJ's, remember that Lulu, we had our ops a day apart and between us we asked loads of questions and humour got us through :lol: I still haven't had the burning of the BJ'S (Bridget Jones Knickers) ceremony yet..........still fit in to them :roll:

I just wanted to say A BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone for supporting me, listening to me, taking notice of me when I made no sense and making me feel "normal", for being there WHENEVER I've need it and for being there with me every step of the way.....Joining Jo's was the best thing I ever did, you're all the best xxxxxxxx

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D


amanda 26

Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. That was a really lovely post.
And hang onto the BJs - tiny pants and thongs are 'out', big boy pants are 'in' according to the magazines. As I get older my pants get bigger, mercifully. I love 'em. BIG PANTS! Bring 'em on. The bigger the better if you ask me.
Anyway, I digress. You're a great source of support and common sense on Jo's and I wish you a really great year ahead.
All the best


Dear Dee,your post brought a smile to my face!i'm not far behind you(joining the forum) it has got to be the best support network that i've joined.i know i don't post as often as i should but i do look in regulary to see how everyone's doing and i'm thinking lots about people and try and send some positive energy to you all.xx
As for the big knickers......we have all seen them knickers on someone's washing line(i didn't think i'd ever be pegging them out!!ha)but hey i proud to say i love my bloomers(more for comfort)and i cringe at the thought of a thong(each to their own!!ha)
Anyway Dee,who would of thought 1year on that we are able to laugh and share the humour that helps to keep us going strong.....THANK YOU JO'S.


Hi Dee and all

Oh the BJs, they still haunt my undies drawers LOL :lol:

I joined the previous year just before my brachytherapy on 22-03-04 and have to say a BIG thank you too, especially to Sue and Sandra.

Jo's forum and all the people on it have been a great help.

THANK YOU from me too

love and kisses :D :lol: :) :wink:

Good Bye all
We will all be winners in our own special way

Im not living with cancer
Im living with a colostomy and urostomy
Im living without my vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, bladder, bowel, anus, rectum and perineum


Hi Dee
Congratulations on your 1st year. I met you at Brighton,do you remember me pronouncing your name wrongly. I emptied out a whole draw of knickers that were not only big but grey. I had them from my surgery almost three years ago,then hung on to them when I shattered my wrist, as I found them easier to slide on. My wrist still uncomfortable,my bum still big,so looking for a more flattering BK.
keep well
love AnnyXX


hiya dee ,its fi,
i just want to say congratulations,and secondly,a big(((( THANKYOU)))).
With everything youve had to go through,your always there to give advice,
lend an ear,no matter what. :D
Jos is great,and its the best thing ive done too.I feel terribly quilty sometimes, :( when im in pain,and it all gets to me,i come on here,and there normally is a pm asking how i am,..compaired to you and alot of the ladies on here,ive nothing to complain about,but it doesnt stop you helping any way you can.And to think anything positive can come out of something like this would of made me laugh and cry at first,but i have been proven wrong;i have made two great friends on here(yes you dee,and you kaz),so thankyou very much :D :wink:
with love(((hugs)))
fi.xx :wink:

cin1 oct'05. cin2 may'06.
d'cone op oct'06.
finally get result of
adenocarcinoma in situ march'07.


Congrats on your 1 year Dee :lol: :lol:

I can't comment on the underwear thing :oops:

Time really does fly.

here's to many more anniversaries for you and everyone


Brother of a cervical cancer patient


Hi Dee

BJ's still in those too. They are so comfy!!!

I remember your posting - very funny but also very useful.

It is a fab site and a real gold mine of information when I was diagnosed back in July 04 and terrified. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Best wishes for your continued health and happiness.



At last a new name for big knickers... up until now they've always been 'Harvest Festivals' in our house (all is safely gathered in...)

Well done on the anniversary Dee, here's to many more!


1988/94/96/97 & 2003 CIN1,2&3, laser/cryo/knife/cone, 4 treatments
Latest 2003/CIN3
2006 Cervical lump (keloid scar) plus CIN1
2009 3 yearly smears!
2012 smear caused bleeding results ok
but back on 12mth recall


Hi Dee and congratulations on getting through this last year :D
Just wanted to say THANKYOU so much for all the support you have given me these past weeks.
Take care really big (((hug)))


Well done Dee, go ahead and burn the kidney warmers(big knickers in our house) i hope you keep going strong take care love kaz xx :wink:

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!

Sue M

Hi Dee

and thanks for all your support....BTW you are normal ....it is everyone else who isn't!!

Sue xxx


Thanks for your many replies :D :D :D Hi Anny yes I remember Brighton :lol: On lyme :lol: :lol: instead of Only me :lol: :lol:

Harvest festivals and Kidney warmers :lol: :lol: what are we like :roll: :lol:

Many thanks to old freinds and new...and God Bless Jo xxxxxxxx

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D




that was a lovely message.

Jo's too has been a sanity saver for me at times also - it's coming up to a year since I joined as well.

I've learnt some new names for big knickers!! :lol: They've really made me smile :D

Rachel xx

Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphadectomy and ovary removed in Feb 2005 following cancer diagnosis. Further surgery in July 2005 to remove remaining ovary.


Big hugs beautiful! You are a terrific person xxoo
luv Nat