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1 year milestone :)

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1 year milestone :)

Hi thought I would let the lovely Jo's family know have recently had check up following my recurrence and all is going well :D Scan shows scar tissue and consultant said she is amazed at how well I have done after all the treatment she put me through, so I am over the moon, to be honest at my lowest point I was unsure that I would ever get here!
Sorry I dont come on Jo's very often as trying to put life back together, it will never be the same but I'm here :D hope my story reassures anybody starting this dreadfull journey and also those of us going through a recurrance. We can conquer this!
Stay positive xxx
Love Debbie

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have! So far so good :)


Fantastic news Debbie, what a relief!!! Take care and enjoy life on the other side :)

Lots of love
Louise xx

Laser treatment 95/96 for mild to moderate CIN. All clear smears until March 2010 then diagnosed CIN3. Biopsy showed cc 1b2 grade 3, RHND on 9/6/10, 16 lymph nodes removed. Given the all clear on 22/6/10 - no further treatment!! :D


What fantastic news Debbie. I'm so happy for you! Keep fighting x


Fantastic news Debbie!
I am so happy for you.
Stay strong, stay well,

Diagnosed Sept 2010 CC 2B Adenocarcinoma with inflamed lymph node 

cisplatin x 6

radio  x 31

brachy x 3


Chemoradiation completed on 22/12/2010


Hi Debbie,

I am so so happy to hear your wonderful news. You were one of the first to respond to my cry for help when I joined Jos last year, and your kind words brought me so much support and comfort.

I finished treatment in April and my pet scan in July came back clear.... so thankyou so so much for helping me, you deserve only the best...

Lots of love
Nic xx


So pleased to hear your good news Debbie and such a positive post. Well done x


Hi all
Thank you for your kind words, and especially well done Nic for getting through this, great news on the scan :D
Jo's is all about helping each other through a horrible and scarey time, i too have been helped by some lovely people on here and would like to thank every one of You for support in my most darkest times and also remember those beautiful stars who are no longer with us.
Stay positive !

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have! So far so good :)


Hi Debbie,

What a wonderful post! Brilliant news and thank you for sharing with us. It is always great to hear to hear some good news and after everything you have been through I am truly thrilled for you.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your life! :D

Lou xx

June 2010 - Diagnosed Stage 2b Adenocarcinoma N1

July 2010/August 2010 - 30 Radiotherapy & Cisplatin Chemo 6 cycles

Jan 2011- Pelvic Exenteration Feb - Clear margins = All clear 

May 2012 Metastasis confirmed told incurable 

June - Oct 2012 Carboplatin & taxol chemo and CIRCCa Trial

Oct 2015 - Radiotherapy for lymph node under arm

January 2016 - Remain stable but incurable - beating the odds x


Fantastic news... It's good to hear good news...
I'm just going through re- occurrence
Hystectomy may last year...
The now in my lower back...

So nice to hear this...

Well done you now take time out for you xxxx

Love & Hugs


Abn Smear result - Nov 09
First Colp Booked - Feb 2010
Cin 2 - April/ 10
Loop Excision - May/10
Colp for further treatment, Sept/10
Diathermy Loop - Mar / 11
April 4 th - Confirmed CC 1b1
May 3rd - radical hyste