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colopscopy on tuesday and very scared

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colopscopy on tuesday and very scared

Hi everyone. I have a colopscopy on tuesday and I'm very scared! I had an abnormal smear with minor changes, but before that I had an inconclusive result and left it ages til I had a chance to get another smear. I'm really worried that the delay will mean something really wrong will have happened.


Hi Kels,

I know it's difficult but please try not to be scared. My guess is that you are currently surfing the internet looking at all the "worst case scenarios" - which will only make you worry even more (I did exactly the same when I got my first dodgy smear test result) . The chances of them finding anything "really wrong" are incredibly slim - in most cases it takesw ages and ages for CIN to develop into invasive cancer (if it ever does). You may well have CIN 1, 2 or even 3, but all of those are treatable by a simple procedure called LLETZ.
Don't be worried about the colposcopy either - it is very similar to having a smear test done - just a wee bit uncomfortable & a big bit embarrassing.
In the meantime you should use this site and forum to ask any questions you have & air any worries. We're really quite a supportive bunch & there always seems to be someone logged on that will be able to help you.
Take care & don't worry


Don't let the bad cells get you down :)


Hi Kels.... Welcome to Jo's
I'd just like to echo what Karen has said really, Try not to worry about it too much... you're in safe hands.

This is a great site with fantastic women on it , you can rant and rage and we won't bat an eyelid, you can ask us anything and we'll try our best to give you the answers.
Good luck let us know how you get on.

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D



Hi Kels
Try not to worry, the colpscopy test is fine, a bit uncomfortable but not painful. Like the other ladies said the worse case they may fine is CIN 1 - 3 which is treated by LLETZ, this treatment is fine too, a little painful, only when the injection goes in but not otherwise. I'm due for my second LLETZ treatment on Nov 26th, at least this time I know its fine, less stress and worry : - )
Try not to worry, use this site, its fantastic, i really don't know what i would have done if I hadn't found it. Everyone is so supportive, kind and helpful.
Let me know how you get on on tuesday, I'll be hopeing everything goes really well for you.
have a nice day


Kels-just to reiterate what the others have said, the colposcopy is fine. Even if you need LLETZ it is over and done with very quickly. The nurses will put you at ease.
Hope it goes OK


Thank you very much everybody, you have all made me feel a whole lot better.
Thank You! x x x