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coposcopy appointment...........

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coposcopy appointment...........

came through today and it's booked for the 23rd December. Don't know if I'm glad it's so near too xmas day or not :?

The 23rd is also my mum's birthday so that evening we are all going for a meal. Think I'll make a mental note of whats on the menu whilst having the copocopy; food always does the trick with me :lol:

Hope everyone is well and ready for xmas.

xx amber


I can remember going for my 1st colposcopy on my own and it was pretty scary so know how you feel,they did a biopsy at the same time, but try and put it out of your head once youve had it done, It drove me mad looking up things and logging on every day!
My 2nd colposcopy was better, I was a bit better, and to be honest Ive tried to put it out of my head, I know I'm due another one in December and depending on the results of this one, I may have to go for letz,

It is a worry I know, it was nearly 15 months before I had colposcopy and in that time you will be frantically loooking up info,but dont worry,,

let us know how you get on?

love filbert

My glass is half full!