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Pamela Morton
Could you help?


A short study is being undertaken by the National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (NACC) as many patients contact this organisation for help and advice regarding radiation induced bowel problems.

The NACC recognises that these type of problems can affect many other patients and so would like to hear from people on this board who are/have been affected by radiation induced bowel problems.

The NACC wishes to explore what issues they may have had and how it can help and what its role should be. Judy Wilson, an independent consultant working with health charities has been asked to undertake a scoping study - seeing what the scope of the project should be - as a first stage in the process. This will be followed by a consultative event and a report.

Links are being formed with clinical oncologists, gastroenterologists and cancer charities as part of the scoping study. We are also undertaking a small number of indepth telephone interviews with people affected with radiation induced bowel porblems.

These interviews will be about their experience and what they would have liked to have happened instead. Interviews are being undertaken in November and early December.

If you are willing to be interviewed, please contact Judy Wilson on [email protected] for further details. If there are too many offers an alternative would be to write about your experience instead.