Does this sound normal - post LLETZ bleeding 5 weeks on

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Does this sound normal - post LLETZ bleeding 5 weeks on

I had LLETZ treatment 5 weeks ago. My period started just after the treatment and then I had spotting. For maybe 5 days I had no bleeding or spotting but since then I've spotted/bled ever since. For the past two weeks I've had a light flow of bleeding. My period has been due but I don't really know whether I've had it or not as I've been bleeding for so long. I've not had heavy bleeding but if I have had my period it would make sense that it's lighter than normal as I've obvioulsy been bleeding for longer than normal.

Tonight I had a bit of pain - period type pains. I asked my Husband to get me a heatpack and as he did that I went to the toilet. As soon as I sat down I passed quite a large blood clot. I went to the toilet again about 15 minutes later and passed another clot (smaller this time).

I don't know whether this is normal or not.

Sorry for the TMI

10th May 11 - First ever smear test
15th June 11 - Received smear results: moderate dyskarosis
28th June 11 - Colposcopy and punch biopsies
29th July 11 - Received biopsy results: CIN2
8th September - LLETZ treatment - awaiting results (fingers crossed)


Hey, I bled for about 6 weeks. I had 2 infections, and stopped bleeding after the antibiotics kicked in. Maybe worth having swabs at the docs? Try not to worry hun xxx

2008normal smear
2/11 requested smear moderate dyskaryosis
18/2/11 colposcopy and LLETZ
11/3/11 results CINII reaching upto ectocervical margin
17/6/11 smear borderline changes confirmed by biopsies
19/01/12 colposcopy and smear NEGATIVE 12 month recall


Hi hun,
it would be good to give a hospital call where you had your LLETZ procedure done so they can advice you what to do. If it doesn't settle maybe it would be good to get into A&E so hopefully they will be able to help you then.
lots of love
Gosia xx

abnormal smears
15.5.09 - CIN II - lletz under GA and under LA 3 months later
31.8.11 - normal smear and now i am on 3-yearly smears
08.12.10 - rare ovarian cancer,stage 1
25.11.11 - microscopic colitis
16.02.12 - MRI scan of the pelvis