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Free NHS Prescriptions

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Free NHS Prescriptions

Hi all

I'm sure a lot of you are probably aware of free NHS prescriptions for cancer patients but if not I thought I'd raise it. None of my care providers have mentioned it and because I had surgery and no chemo etc I didn't think to apply because I hoped my treatment would be short-term. However I have just spoken to my GP surgery who have said that because I had my ovaries removed during surgery and will have HRT long term as a result of my treatment that I should be eligible. I have therefore filled in a form at my GP surgery for my GP to sign and send off. Apparently all NHS prescriptions will then be free, not just the HRT related to the cancer.

The website is: http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcosts/Pages/Prescriptioncosts.aspx

Here is the key info from the website......

"Exemptions for cancer patients:

Prescription charges for cancer patients were abolished on April 1 2009.

Patients being treated for cancer, including the effects of cancer or the effects of cancer treatment, can apply for a medical exemption (MedEx) certificate. If you have cancer ask your doctor for an application form. This will need to be countersigned by your GP, hospital or service doctor (or, at your GP's discretion, a member of the practice who has access to your medical records).

Arrangements for all other NHS charges remain unchanged."

I hope this helps :)

Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

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Hi Kirsty,

thankyou for posting - that's really useful info and something which had crossed my mind to look into once I know what treatment plan is tomorrow. Youve taken all the hard work out of it for me.

Hope you are doing ok?


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