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Hi guys

Haven't been around for a while in voice but lurk around regularly!
Had my 3 month check up today expected to be all ok even though had an ultrasound scan 6 weeks ago (pain in right side) Anyway to cut a long story short saw the consultant who told me that i now have lymph cysts (nothing sinister) and that i need to be cut open for a 5th time and have them removed. Ok the first 2 times were c-sections but for those of you who don't know me i've also had a rad hst june 04 and then oopherectomy nov 04. Quite frankly i could weep (i did) I mean how many times can one person be opened up, i've just started a new job, just got back into my normal clothes and the gym is my new addiction. So that equates to- i won't be getting any sick pay, i need to get my trackie bottoms out AGAIN and i'll be back on the chocolate!
Joking aside, i'm gutted really thought i was done with all this, know that i now have catheters, drains, bed baths, epidurals, wind :roll: infections (always get one) and being completely incapacitated for at least 6 weeks to look forward to.
The good news is and yes there is some, is that it won't be untill late january, so i can settle my youngest boy into school- starts jan. I can still have my 70s weekend at butlins with the girls in a couple of weeks :twisted: and i requested i tummy tuck at the same time- still working on that one but you never know your luck :wink:
Anyway feel a little better for venting :roll:

love to you all



dear bec

Im so sorry to hear your saga and that the lymph cysts need operating.

Did your specialist say there was a slim chance they might disperse by them selves once the system has re-routed itself.

I remember my lymph cysts and how painful it was, I was admitted to hospital pumped full of pethadin, they burst, then dispersed and I was allowed home. the pain developed over a period of about four weeks.

when I had my Rad hyst. I also had cysts on my ovaries so it all went at the same time plus the lymphodectomy.

Enjoy yor 70s gig it sounds fun, they where my teenage years.
take care

Good Bye all
We will all be winners in our own special way

Im not living with cancer
Im living with a colostomy and urostomy
Im living without my vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, bladder, bowel, anus, rectum and perineum


Hi Bec,

sorry to hear that you have got to have more surgery.

I know just how you feel...if you remember back in the summer when I thought my surgery was finished with, I had to go back in to have my ovaries removed. You sent me a message at the time to say that it was hard emotionally as well as physically-and you were right. Just when we think our last lot of surgery is done with and we won't have to see one more catheter, etc, it comes as a blow when we have to go back for more.

Keep your chin up and keep that sense of humour. Sorry that you having this done again especially when you seem to be getting on with life with a new job and going to the gym, etc.

We are all here for you with lots of support. Keep smiling if you can. :)

Take care....lots of hugs.

Rachel xx

Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphadectomy and ovary removed in Feb 2005 following cancer diagnosis. Further surgery in July 2005 to remove remaining ovary.


[quote="Rachel"]Hi Bec,[/quote]

Look, the thing is that you - . You know what - nevermind. forget it.


Hi Bec
Sorry to hear that you have to go back again.
I too had cysts following surgery it was quite painful as I had a number of infections too - fab!!! However they did disperse by themselves although this took some time. I think nearly 3 months. They did suggest for me taking the fluid out via a syringe or something. :? However I decided to leave it and wait and see
I also had to go back into hospital in July but fortunately for me mine was only a straight forward day case.
It does take a long time to recover - so take it easy and I hope you have a relaxing time over Christmas.
Best wishes