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Has anyone actually not needed repeat LLETZ at follow up?

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Has anyone actually not needed repeat LLETZ at follow up?

I'm going for my follow up smear tomorrow, having had a LLETZ for CIN3 back in March. As I am driving myself mad with worry, was wondering if anyone actually had a negative smear after treatment for CIN3? It just seems that everyone ends up needing more treatment, from reading the messages on here. I know it won't make any difference to what happens to me but was hoping for some positive stories. I have to wait a month for results which seems like AGES.


hi there emma

i had lletz treatment for CIN 2 (but later found was CIN 1) and my follow up smear came back clear. i too was worried that i would have to have repeat treatment of some sort and i m really thankful that i havent had to go down that route again. i hope that everything goes ok for you tomorrow and that your results do come back clear for your follow up.

will keep my fingers crossed for you



Hi Emma,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow, I will have everything crossed for you.. :) :) :)

take care,


Hi Emma,

I am due my follow up on the 1st December. Like you I had CIN3 and a LLETZ biopsy.

I have put it to the back of my mind and enjoyed the summer, I keep thinking what the consultant said which was, 'it is a 95% success rate'.

If I do have to have repeat LLETZ I will now know what to expect :roll:

The best of luck today and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

lots of luck Diane xx



I had lletz last new year for CIN3, follow up in June was completely clear. due to have next follow up in december which hopefully will be clear too. I know it seems like everyone has to have further treatment but its not always true and I will keep everything crosed for you that you will have a good result like I do.

Take care and try to keep smiling :)



My results came through this morning and my smear was normal!!!I have to go back in 6 weeks months for my next check.
Was terrified it would be bad news as they came through so quickly. Thanks everyone for your good luck messages.