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Helen is starting therapy Monday

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Helen is starting therapy Monday

Hello my friends

Hope you all all well.

Helen went to see her onocoligist yesterday and he said he needs to treat a small area at entrance to vaginia to be doubly sure. She was last night very upset because she didn't know what was in store.

She had a another appointment today at 9.15 for treatment plan etc. and I have just spoken to her. Her plan will be starting Monday Radiotheraphy only everyday for next 5 weeks.

She is massively positive again today and as I said its her next step to recovery.

She is still very sore underneath and has an infection which they have now given her antibotics for. They also outlined the possible side affects. She will need to try to loose some weight and biggest job for her is to lay off the junk food, she loves her sausage rolls etc. So instead of going for a bag of crisps she will hopefully grab bit of fruit.

Can anyone give me ideas of healthy snacks to pass onto Helen.

Again thanks for reading this post

Love to you all


Brother of a cervical cancer patient

sam w

Dear Kev,

What a difficult time for Helen, she sounds like an amazing person and it's great that she is feeling positive now that she has a treatment plan.
It must be really difficult to change your diet when all you want is a bit of comfort food.
I find a juicer is a good way to get your fruit and veg, maybe to try and have a glass of juice before you eat to get all the vits and it fills you up too. I try to buy really yummy fruits like blueberries or mangos, bit pricey but worth it. If Helens craving carbs Mccains oven chips taste nearly as good as 'proper' chips and low fat and you can get lots of quite tasty low fat snacks like thai bites and rivita snacks.

Hope this might help a bit.

Sam W x

Diagnosed 1b2 10/05 Lymph nodes removed, radical trachelectomy-all clear. Recurrence 5/06, chemo radiation, persistant disease, chemo starts 8/5/07


Hi Kevin
I'm so happy to hear that Helan is doing well and has a treatment plan, I find not knowing most stressful and am always happier once I know whats going to happen, I guess you can prepare yourself then.
Healthy snacks, as Sam said, juicers are great, I find it much easier to drink a glass of juice containing my 5 pieces of fruit than eating them indivually, I'm not a big veg eater but find raw carrots nice to snack on, sunflower seads are a good heathy snack, maybe replace crisps with popcorn.
Please pass my best wishes onto Helan, she sounds like an amazing lady, she also lucky to have support from a brother like you.
best wishes


Hi Kevin,

Great news that Helen's now got her treatment plan in place...I had radiotherapy for 4 weeks, it will all be over before she has time to think about it!!!

As for the dieting... to be honest, with radiotherapy; everything you eat goes through you like a Porche :lol: :lol: :lol: she's got enough to cope with, without starving as well... I'm a little fatty too, if it wasn't for the little fatties, there wouldn't be any little skinnies!!! Maybe she could share her sausage rolls with someone, (me). problem solved!!!

take care,
Caroline xxx


Hi Kevein,

Helen sounds like she's doing really well. :D She might like to try mixed nuts/raisins/dried fruit as well as juice for snacks. Sticks of celery dipped in low fat Philly cheese or similar also work well. As Caroline says, she does not need to starve! Try adding porridge oats and a bit of skimmed milk to fruit in a blender. Add yoghurt too if you want to. Sounds disgusting but the oats are a slow release, high energy food and stop you feeling hungry for ages. Tastes good too when mixed with fruit. I hate fruit and veg, but found blending/juicing a good way of ensuring I had what I needed without much effort.

Hope this helps.

Love, Marion xx


Hi Kevin

Just to echo what the others say. When I had radiotherapy I couldn't eat any fruit or vegetables as the treatment really affected how quickly food went through me. I ended up only being able to eat stodgy food - eg potatoes, bread etc.

I think at this stage your sister just needs to listen to her body and eat whatever she can keep inside her - sorry to be so graphic. I found the effect was cumulative - towards the end and, for a few weeks after, my bowel didn't really want to hold on to anything!!

Also, I was advised not to use any soap or perfume products as it would irrate my skin where the radiotherapy was. Boy, were they right. The "Simple" soap and shower gel range were a god send. Again, I seemed to have more problems towards the end of the treatment.

I dearly wish your sister wasn't going through all this but I have to say I'm still here 18 months on so it can't be all bad!!!

Anyway, excuse me for rambling - please pass on my best wishes to your sister. I'm sending loads of positive thoughts!



My advice - Juicers. Much easier!!

Been thinking of you all at this hard time.

My mum has just had a stoma bag fitted (after 17 years of bladder cancer being treated by laser treatment and chemo) but she's doing really well and her life has come on leaps and bounds since the op. Its a PLUS not a minus to her life. After having ME diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32 this year she re-thinked her ideas about stoma bags. She calls her Stoma "Camilla" and the two of them are very happy together! :? Say no more :D

Good luck with the treatment next week (Helen).


Trachelectomy in May 2005 after diagnosis of 1B1 cervical cancer and now suffering lymphodema


Hello my friends

Thanks for all the reply's. I am going to buy Helen a juicer and send it down (sort of any early christmas present). I have just seen a Rosemary Connelly one in ASDA so I think i'll get that one, it also comes with recipe ideas.

:lol: Again BIG THANKS



Brother of a cervical cancer patient


Kevin you really are a sweetie wish i had a brother like you!! In my experience any fruit or vegetables eaten whilst having radiotherapy is a nightmare making eating healthily virtually impossible - you end up eating a diet of just carbs or sufering for it! Unfortunately this is still the case 10 months later with me but it depends how strong the treatment is that Helen will be getting! I hope all goes well and I envy Helen your wonderful support!!! love Snoopy



Hi, hope Helen is doing ok..I can't offerany advice aout diet and therapy but even after my hyst I couldn't at much fruit and veg, I did eat bananas though and dry snacks like snackajacks and cream crackers and Ialso ate cereal a lot and brown bread toast, the juicer sounds like a great idea I loved orange juice when I came out of hospital...and just think of all thosecocktails Helen can make in it in the future!
What a fab brother you are !!

Sue M

Hi Kevin

Agree with the others that Juicers are a great way of getting 5 a day but I have to admit I was really bad when I came out of hospital and had cravings for things like fish fingers and peas.....it was all a bit strange.

Lots of positive vibes heading over to Helen.....hope she is getting on ok.

Sue xxx


Hello Kevin just to say like the others i had radio theropy and lost loadsa weight and was told to only eat rice potatoes and stoge so tell helen to eat what she can and not to worry about the weight thing us girls have enough to deal with so we need to have a little treat now and then.
Take care love always fighting karen xxxx


Hello my friends

Thanks for all your replies. I'm going to pass on your ideas. I have just bought Helen a juicer (early christmas pressie!!) from tesco on line with free delivery to her door step, that even competes with Santa!!! :lol:

I spoke to her yesterday and she was in good spirits. Her stoma nurse has put her in touch with a "buddie" in the same town who had exactly same thing as Helen last year, so she had a good chat with her yesterday.

Dad has also arranged his shifts to ferry Helen back n fore each day. My only wish is that I could help out a bit more on that side but 250 miles away unfortunately i can't :(

Any just thought I'd let you know.


Kev xx

Brother of a cervical cancer patient


you are being really helpful by just being you, you're fantastic someone we'd all be proud to call our brother, try not to beat yourself up you don't deserve itxxxx

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D



Hi Kevin
Please pass on my best wishes to Helen for Monday.
She is a very brave lady.
I wish her all the best.



Dear Kevin hi im new to the site but just wanted to say trust me your doing a wonderful job, how many other brothers would be on here with all us women! give my love to helen shes in our thoughts love kaz xx :roll:

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!


Hello Everyone

thanks for all your reply's.

Helen had to go back to hospital yesterday to get area remarked in readiness for Monday. It is a smaller area than orginally thought.

That can only be good news.!!!



Brother of a cervical cancer patient