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hello to the new people!

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Hello Everyone!

I have just joined this site as somebody on another site mentioned it.
It will be nice to chat to people who know what i am going through and how i feel instead of people saying just saying "don't worry" and "you'll be fine" .

6weeks ago i had a smear, 3 weeks later the results came back as abnormal so needed a colposcopy, colposcopy showed a large area of pre cancerious cells and 3 days later i had a cone biospy. I read my notes before my op and saw the letter from the doctors which said i had severe cin3 which the hospital did not tell me. Am waiting for my results to come back from the biopsy.
My head is all over the place rght now and i just don't know what to do!
I have had bad period like pains all week and just feel unwell. Would be really nice to have people to talk to as nobody seems to understand or care here.



Numerous mixed results from smear tests over the years.
Abnormal smear Feb 09.
Colposcopy and Lletz 23rd March 09, referred as CIN3
Results 11th May 09 confirmed CIN3 but all removed! Colposcopy in 6 months.


Hi everyone,

I knew about this site and have just joined.

Have started back at work in the last few weeks. Always tired! Still recovering from treatment, but getting there and have been given the all clear! I know there are still alot of check ups to go through etc....

It would be good to hear from others with things like how to have a relationship and feelings again, because I'm finding it very difficult at the moment.


Hello everybody, a little bit about me, most probably sounds like I'm waffling so apologies in advance.
After going to my doctor about a cervical erosion late last year, I had a smear which was found to have pre cancerous cells. I had to go back and have a colposcopy and then back again where they told me the cells were in stage 3 of the severe stage so I had to have some biopsies taken with the loop. In January this year I had a phonecall to go back again and I was told that the cells they removed were actually cancerous and I had a radical hysterectomy on the 9th March. They have told me that they caught all the cancer and I don't have to have radiotherapy or chemo but I still have to go back a few times a year for the next 5/6 years or so.
It's now been just over 6 weeks and I know that they said it'll take around 3 months or so to start to be able to get back to normal so to speak, but for the last few days especially I've been having really bad stomach pains on my right side. When I'm in bed and turn over it feels like my stomach is being ripped in two and is very sore. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to see if maybe I've strained something or if it's normal. Just wondering if these are normal pains or not, getting quite worried now about the frequency that I'm having them, thanks for any help or advice you can give :) Sorry if this is the wrong place for asking questions.

Abnormal smear result Dec 08
Colposcopy Jan 09
Biopsies Jan 09
Diagnosed with cc 1B1 Jan 09
Radical Hysterectomy March 9th 09
Removal of 9 Lymph Nodes March 9th 09
Given the All Clear April 09
Married my bestest man June 20th 09


hi heather, i didn't have a hysterectom so can't really help with your questions but why don't you add a new post asking ur questions and i'm sure some of the girls who've had the same treatment as you will be able to offer you some advice. Just click on the New Post box and you can add your questions. take care. jenny xxxxx

Diagnosed 1st August 2008. Adenocarcinoma, stage 2b. IVF. Lymph nodes removed. 6 weeks chemo followed by 6 weeks chemoradiation and 2xbrachytherapy. Stomach abscess-surgical drainage.
07.04.09 - all clear, no sign of any tumor!!!


Hi There

I am new to all this, I am 25 and had my first smear test in March, i recieved my results the other day well I recieved a letter saying I had been refered to Colposcopy clinic for further investigation I rang my doctors to see if I could get my full results of my smear test and the woman (who can be very rude) said she didnt have any information only that I had been refered. I then phoned to the clinic who explained to me I had severe cells and that I would probably need LLETZ treatment when I come in. I assume this is what the cal CIN III after finding soem information on the internet anyway.

I am extremely worried my appointment is on the 7th May I am not sure really what to expect and have been looking on the internet found this web site.

Hope anyone cal help.

Many Thanks


March 09 - First Smear Test age 25
April 09 - Results show Severe Dyskaryosis
May 09 - Coposcopy done - punch biopsys taken
June 09 - Results recieved abnormality confirmed booked in for Large Loop
August 09 - Loop excision (LLETZ) Done awaiting results


Hi Laura :)

Welcome to Jo's :)

This is a wonderful site and you will find alot of support here like many of us.

I am also a severe CIN 3 lady, and have had my all clear afew days ago after treatment via the LLETZ procedure. There are alot of CIN ladies here and I advise you to read their posts an post any questions you feel you want to :) Also look at the main info on Jo's :) DO NOT GOOGLE!!!!

Just remember CIN is PRE-CANCER not CANCER and has been caught :) It is very rare that it is cancer, but I know your concerns all too well and to say try not to worry is the silliest thing as you will :(

The colposcopy is simply like your smear, they use a magnifiying camer (this stays outside you!), just takes a little longer and they will confirm your CIN better from it and dependant on your consultant can sometimes say there and then if they think it is cancerous or not :) The LLETZ I had under a general as it was widespread and were unsure if it had passed further so needed a larger area removed. Generally it is done under a local and I had no probs with LLETZ, some get slight period like cramps after and bleeding. Take someone with you to the colp and LLETZ and get your painkillers and a hot water bottle ready.

The waiting is the worst but try to keep yourself busy.....I am sending positive vibes and sure all will be well (((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))

Emma x x x

Feb 09 - Smear Results Severe Dyskariosis/Colposcopy CIN3
March 27th - Booked in for LLETZ under GA.
April 20th -LLETZ results CIN3 -Removed with Clear Margins :)
December 2011: Diagnosed Inflammatory Breast Cancer stage 3c. Chemo/Mastectomy and Radiation


Thanks emma its a real help.

Just wanted to know what to expect really its two weeks away but I cant stop thinking about it in the back of my mind and people keep saying I will be ok but you dont know what to expect do you. This web site is brilliant I admit when I first found out I did google all the time and prob the worst thing I didn wont be doing that any more.

Thanks for your thoughts, I am glad your ok too. I feel but more positive after reading some stuff on here did you have LLETZ was it ok.

March 09 - First Smear Test age 25
April 09 - Results show Severe Dyskaryosis
May 09 - Coposcopy done - punch biopsys taken
June 09 - Results recieved abnormality confirmed booked in for Large Loop
August 09 - Loop excision (LLETZ) Done awaiting results


Hi :)

I had LLETZ under General, so was put to sleep but had no pain etc after. There are girls on here that had a local and just felt uncomfortable and a little woozy. Sure you will be fine :)x

Emma x x x

Feb 09 - Smear Results Severe Dyskariosis/Colposcopy CIN3
March 27th - Booked in for LLETZ under GA.
April 20th -LLETZ results CIN3 -Removed with Clear Margins :)
December 2011: Diagnosed Inflammatory Breast Cancer stage 3c. Chemo/Mastectomy and Radiation


hi everyone
just thought i drop by and let you all know. i had my scan on the 15th got my results on tuesday. no sign of any cancer. but it seems i have a build up of blood and stuff in my uterus. has anybody ever heard of this as i am due to see my gynocologist on may 6th to see about this being sorted out. my cancer nurse says it not anything to worry about it just needs draining. she says 1 patient every year needs this done. just my luck it has to be me...lol
so if anyone has any info please let me know.
thanks to everyone kind words during my little worry period. and for all the private messages.
good luck to everyone.


Hi to everyone

really pleased I have found this site because the internet seems to be full of scary things! I was refered to the colopscopy clinic yesterday where i was told I had CIN 3. I'd read all the info they had sent out and just assumed (hoped) the abnormal cells were mild so being told they were severe was a real shock. They did a loop biopsy straight away which on one hand felt like a lot to deal with in one day but on the other i'm pleased to have had it done rather than wait. They say it will be 4-6 weeks before i get the results back and although I'm trying not to worry its hard not to have it in your head. Reading about other people's experiences is really helping and knowing there are other people in the same situation as me - the waiting game!

Fingers crossed x x


Thanks for the welcome but most of what you mention in your message I cannot see how to do. I do not have tabs at the top nor can I find the view point nor the stories. And what happens on 18th? I would love to meet more women in my situation as I am finding this very lonely and difficult as I keep getting told that everyone is different so they cannot warn me of what I have to put up with next!
Please can we make this site easier to use.
Please also can we raise the awareness of this cancer and also the training of the nurses etc so we can be better informed


Pammy, you need to access the site via http://www.jotrust.co.uk/let_s_meet/index.cfm so that you have the frames around it.

Can you let us know a bit more about your stage, where you're from and so on. A lot of these posts are old so are refering to events that have happened. I will bump the role call thread up to the top. Problem is threads get shoved to the bottom due to all the other threads.

They are working on improving the site, but Jo's is a small charity that works on a shoestring so things like that take time. If you want to get involved with campaigning, there's a get Involved tab above.



1b3 Adenosquameous cell CC.Trachelectomy 18.11.05 (stage 4 Endo treated). Chemoradiation 03.06.[b][color=#BF0040]10.08.11 - discharged & cancer free[/color]![/b]

[b][color=#BF40BF][i]"Be kinder than necessary 'cause everyone you meet is fighting some kin


Hi I would just like to say thank you for all the warm welcomes.

I'm a new member here and i hope i can find some informations and support from your side.
I have had an abnormal smear and i was called to colposcopy clinic (21st October 2008) - everything was good after it ..... but a few days before follow up 6 months later (21st April 2009) i had felt strange and i had some changes inside on the cervix and vaginal wall so my consultant decided to send me to the hospital for LLETZ (15th May 2009). I am waiting for the results right now.

Greetings for all members
Gosia xxx

abnormal smears
15.5.09 - CIN II - lletz under GA and under LA 3 months later
31.8.11 - normal smear and now i am on 3-yearly smears
08.12.10 - rare ovarian cancer,stage 1
25.11.11 - microscopic colitis
16.02.12 - MRI scan of the pelvis


Hi, i'm new and not sure what im doing really!
Not sure what i want to know and whats best not to know!
Been diagnosed with cc 1a1, waiting for MRI and then EUA and cone biopsy, feel like i just want to sleep untill its all done and all clear.

I have 3 Children aged 10 yrs, 5yrs and 7months, and suffering with PND feel like everytime i pick myself up i get knocked down again and really dont know how to cope with children, work, PND, and CANCER!! Help!

[color=#FF0080]Abnormal smear 3/4/09
LLETZ 28/4/09
Diagnosed CC 1a1 21/5/09
MRI 16/6/09
EUA and Cone biopsy 22/6/09
Results of cone biopsy, all clear 6/7/09
Hysterectomy 12/01/10 Results from pathology, All clear![/color]


Hello Guys, im sorry i should of posted here in the beggining.... Ive just been diagnosed with cc & have my MRI Scan Sat.... I wish all of you good luck & positive vibes sent your way...

((Hello to all new ones))

Diagnosed Cancer growth 1/6/09
Diagnosed Stage 2b.. 17/6/09
Chemo/Rad Starts.. 22/7/09
Chemo/Rad Finished 25/8/09
24 Hours Brachytherapy 8/9/09
Pet scan revealed Cancer in Lympth nodes, chest & pelvic wall.
Chemo/Radio to chest & stomach 1/3/10


Hi, i'm new here, not sure if this is the right place to post or not :?

I'm Lisa, 25 and have 2 children.
I had my first ever smear test a month ago and my results came by post yesterday saying i have severe Dyskaryosis......I'm really scared and not sure whats gonna happen??

I have an appointment at the hospital next week so i'm hoping i'll know more then. I've been reading through this thread and it has made me feel better to know i'm not the only one going through this. My partner is not being the most supportive person...keeps telling me i'll be fine and to stop thinking about it, but i can't.

Any advice would be great



Hi All
This is my first time on this website. I have CIN3 but in the same week i found this out i also found out i was pregnant. I am so scared about delaying my treatment for 9-12 months in case the CIN3 gets worse. I need to make a decision and its not easy. All the websites and healthcare professional say its a limited risk that the CIN3 will get worse, also the hospital have said they will keep an eye on it so i will know if it does change. But its all making me worry so much. All this has happened in less that 2 weeks, this is supposed to be a happy time but its clearly not.
Happy to receive thoughts or comments on similar situations.



Keep delving into different areas of this site.

I was diagnosed with CC (At least) 1B1 just over a week ago (19th June 09). Still trying to get my head round it. Was off work after Cone biopsy foolishly thinking that I'd done the worst bit - got that one wrong!

Have to wait till 13th July for Rad hyst to allow things to heal after knife cone biopsy. In the meantime went back to work - partly for financial reasons, partly cos my 2 best friends work there and its good to see them/be able to talk to them.

Feel physically wiped out, like I have been working 18 hour shifts for the past month, when in fact I was on holiday for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks recovering from cone biopsy. Don't know whether that's down to CC, anxiety/stress or inability to sleep well.

Anyway, keeping going and re-thinking my life plan given that I've had a huge big kick up the bum! Life really is too short to waste on just plodding on!

Best wishes to you all


Abnormal smear April 09 (widespread CGIN)
Colposcopy May 09
Knife cone biopsy 8 Jun 09, diag 1B1? CC 19/6/09
Due rad hyst 13.07.09


Hi All
I'm new, I've just posted my first post about my situation, I hope to hear from any advice or stories...
so i guess this is my 2nd post :)

I had about 6 borderline smear results in total within the last 5years... I was invited for a coloposcopy 2years ago and again 3weeks ago my smear was borderline. When looking at the cervix at the last colopscopy it looked normal... when i received a letter few days ago for LLETZ treatment I was in total shock, i just assumed that perhaps it would just go away and the cells will just fight themselves to be normal.

I guess for all the newbies out there like myself, we need to remember that we're lucky that we are being treated and hopefully be able to catch anything sooner than later.

Molly x


Hi my name is Sinead.
New to the site after a traumatic year. Just to let you know where i am at now.Feeling more positive and acceptive of what has happened.I was diagnosed march 2008 with cc stage 2b two weeks before my 30th birthday. I was absolutely terrified of leaving my 12 year old daughter to grow up without me. I went through 8 sessions of chemo and 28 raiotherapy with one internal radiotherapy. I am in the menopause now and on hrt. I know a good bit about the process and am still learning so if anyone wants to ask anything or give me some tips please feel free.
cheers and so glad to have found this site.


popping my head up to say hi too !!! :D

I cant tell you how much better I feel for having found this site. I am truly in awe of some of the stories I have read on here. To be honest, before all the Jade Goody stories I never really gave a thought to cervical cancer. I had all my smears on time but pretty much never gave the letters telling me the results were normal a second glance. It was only when i had my first ever abnormal smear in jan this year that I sat up and took notice. Being typical me I panicked but did as I was told and waited 6 months to repeat the smear. Last week i was told this too is abnormal so now i need a Colposcopy. I went cold at the idea. Then i found this site and have spent ages lurking and posting. The support and advice on here is fantastic and I know that if I have any concerns or anxieties there is always someone who can help.

Thank you for making me welcome :)

Jan 09 borderline smear. Told wait 6 months.
June 09 repeat smear mild dyskaryosis CIN 1.
Colposcopy scheduled for end July 09
Colp & Lletz 28 July 09 - CIN 2. Repeat smears every 6 months
Jan 10 smear. All clear !


Hi everyone!!! Just came to see who's joined the party as it were. Good luck all - and see you around! xx

End May 2009 - colposcopy all clear, cauterised ectropian (cervical erosion). Smear.
Mid June 2009 - smear result positive CGIN
End June 2009 - colposcopy & diagnostic LLETZ
July 9 2009 - results all clear - mystery!
Mid July 2009 - smear/follow-up


Hi All,

Thank you for the warm welcome with regards to newbies! :D
I joined about an hour ago as I am due to have my Colposcopy tomorrow after getting a letter and phone call saying I had servere dyskaryosis. I am so so so so scared as I hadn't had a smear test for over 5 years and am worried I have left it too long, I had my son 2 years ago and believe that all was ok then. My Mum at my age (30) had CC and had a full Hysterectomy, my Nanny lost her life to Ovarian Cancer and my Great GM lost her life to Breast Cancer. :(
I don't know what to expect tomorrow and am basically an emotional wreck,,, as soon as someone asks if I am ok I burst into tears... I am also going through a breakup from my partner of 5 years (my sons dad) - lots going on in my head...

I have read through many of the posts on here and think you all are an inspiration and just so brave. I look forward to making some new friends and sharing my experiences with you all and possibly supporting anyone I can.

Speak soon, toodle pip. xxxxxxxxxxx 8)


Hi everyone,
I had a smear test in April after requesting one twice (1st time declined because they said i was too young at 24!) Then i got the letter that said i had severe abnormalities which felt like i'd just been told i was going to die. To cut a long story short i had my colposcopy a week later, they did the lletz treatment and biopsy there and then. A few days later it was quite apparent that i had a nasty infection where they had removed the tissue, was on 4 different types of antibiotics over the next few weeks, they couldn't stop the bleeding from the wound for a month, was told the piece they had removed was quite large and it wasn't healing tht well asthey had cut through a blood vessel. Was in and out of hospital, had silver nitrate put on it but that failed, then had tablets to clot the blood, eventually everything calmed down much to my relief. Good news is i got my results and they said it was CIN3 but completely removed. I have never worried or cried so much in my life as i did over this whole thing. Im just so glad i went for the smear when i did.


Crikey Shell84 - what a performance and what rotten luck! I'm glad it had a happy ending and that you have the all-clear now though. When I have a convoluted health issue like yours where everything seems to go a bit wonky, my partner always laughs and says that I'm 'doing it for attention'! I think you must have been trying to steal my limelight with your lletz!!! Good luck with everything in the future to yourself and all the new girls joining. xx :D

End May 2009 - colposcopy all clear, cauterised ectropian (cervical erosion). Smear.
Mid June 2009 - smear result positive CGIN
End June 2009 - colposcopy & diagnostic LLETZ
July 9 2009 - results all clear - mystery!
Mid July 2009 - smear/follow-up


Just wanted to say, how great this site is. I have to admit I didn't know anything about abnormal smears/CIN etc until a couple of days ago, when I got a letter calling me back to hospital to discuss smear result. Thanks to finding this site, the info on here and reading all your posts, I understood the terminology and therefore didn't totally freak out when they told me the results.

Of course I am worried and finding it hard to think about anything else, but understand from your posts, that its totally normal to feel that way and I am definately not on my own.

Thanks all

[color=#FF00BF]I am doing a 100km trek across the Sahara Desert for Jo's in Oct/Nov 2010. I need to raise £2500 minimum sponsorship so if you would like to help me please go to http://www.justgiving.com/Jessica-Moult. Every penny counts[/color]


Hi Ladies,
I have just joined today. I have to say that some of the posts on here have had me in tears, not in fear, but just from the pure courage, and determination you ladies posess.
I am 33, married, in North Warwickshire, 2 children 8 & 6.
I had my routine smear on the 8th May. Didnt hear anything for ages, rang the Dr's who advised they hadnt heard anything either but there was a back log at the hospital.
Then I got a letter on Thursday (16th July) from the hospital which said I had abnormal cells and have an appointment on 6th August for a colposcomy (how exactly is that pronounced?). I rang the Dr's again and they havent had my results back and said it had abviously been automated from the hospital. I then rang the hospital and spoke to the colposcomy clinic nurse who was excellent. She advised that I had severe dyskaryosis, the smear cells were NOT cancerous, and explained the colposcomy prcedure. She also explained that 90% of the time patients with severe dysk would have the loop treatment there and then, provided the area isnt too large, (if large I'd be knocked out at a later date) a biopsy would be taken, and they would decide a course of action from there. She did say that they wouldnt know more until the appointment, and biopsy results, and that whilst she didnt want to scare me, (as I'd asked her for the "no frills" and "honest" answers, especially regarding a needle "up there") a biopsy [i]could[/i] give different results.

I went through the "oh heck I'm dying" stage quite quickly, to the "let's wait and see". Of course I'm scared of it being the big C, but if I worry for the next 3 weeks until the appt, then a further 2 for the biopsy, then I'll be in a pretty bad way by then.

So regarding the loop - does it hurt? and how bad is the pain for recovery? I do get heavy periods normally, so am used to a certain degree of pain from that area...

Sorry I appear to have waffled :D

8/5/09 smear
16/07/09 smear results severe dyskaryosis
06/08/09 colposcomy & LLETZ done Dr said it looked like CIN3
awaiting results
27/08/09 LLETZ results, CIN3 clear margins follow up appt 08/02/10


Hi, Jenny c as i said in my previous post i had a few complications after the lletz treatment, i also had severe abnormalities and was confirmed CIN3. The actual procedure itself i found more uncomfortable than painful although saying that i'd be lying if i said it didn't hurt! People feel pain in different ways and they told me that some women find it more painful than others.

I hope everything goes well for you. If you ever need someone to talk to about it just message me. :o)


I found this site some months ago when I received my first 'abnormal' smear result. The world of 'colposcopys' and 'lletz' was completely new to me!
Thanks to the information on this board, I was put at ease and ready to face the next step.
In March I had a colposcopy and in April Lletz procedure to remove CIN2 cells. I am back in October for another colposcopy and smear but keeping my fingers crossed for now.
When I received the news I felt completely alone, I didn't even feel like turning to my husband. It's such a support to know you're all here, I hope I can offer some help to someone, someday.
Best wishes to you all, keep fighting
Mayzee xx

[i]Abnornmal Smear results Feb 09 Colposcopy and Biopsys taken March 09 Lletz April 09 confirmed CIN2 Follow up colposcopy and smear Nov 09 - Further biopsys taken Awaiting results[/i]


Hi All

I'm new too. Been reading lots before I registered and have to say it is very helpful and supportive. Some background on me- I'm 25, no kids. Had a smear come back with CIN 2 and now due for the colp on 12th August (pretty scared! I haven't been to hospital since I was born!). Info on here is great- great to know what I am getting in to, as personally, I found the leaflets provided by the NHS, while generally very good, were lacking in some areas (i.e they just mention 'treatment' but don't describe this). Great to hear it from the front line as it were. The stories on here are so powerful and I'm in awe of all you amazing ladies, and I'm sure men too, who offer support.



Hi guys,

Ive just joined and just had to say how great this site is for my sanity! Waiting for results then waiting for more procedures, so stressful and it can feel really lonely so it is great to feel there is support here.

Thanks a million xx

Colposcopy 3 June 2009, Punch biopsys taken
Results 16 July 2009 - moderate dyskaryosis and CIN2
Colposcopy and Lletz - August 20 2009


hi all, my name is elise im a 27 yr old housewife and mum of 5 boys, i was diagnosed with cervical cancer last friday which has been really hard for me to cope with, i have tried to be strong for my kids for than anything, ive got to go for an mri and ct scan on the 3rd august which im very nervous and scared about and then got to see my consultant on the 6th august for him to tell me what treatment i will be having.
I dont know if im writeing the right thing on here but i suppose there isnt no right or wrong way...


Hi everyone
Like many others I found this site a few weeks ago after a diagnosis of cc (on our wedding anniversary). I had borderline changes after a smear 18 months ago and because our area sends you for a colposcopy if you test positive for HPV with borderline changes, they then found CIN 3. However by the time I received the results from this, I was pregnant so the LLetz was postponed until a few weeks ago after my 6 week check. The lletz was really painful as he had to cover such a large area and I needed 3 local anaesthetic injections and admitting to a ward for observation afterwards. We went on holiday the following week, to return to a letter for a gynae appointment and spent the weekend imagining the very worst. We knew it wasn't going to be good news but I know it could have been a lot worse as the tumour is very small and they think they got it all with the lletz. I had an mri which has come back clear but am having to have a radical hysterectomy in a few weeks time. Like many others I'd expect, you never really think things like this will happen to you and the prospect of a hysterectomy at 36 isn't pleasant. I'm doing a good job I think of keeping it together for the family and count my blessing that I have two lovely children but I think the inital numbness is starting to wear off and it is starting to sink in. I do count myself lucky in many ways and I'm sorry for moaning on - I think i just needed to feel a bit sorry for myself tonight and it's so hard to do that at home when I'm trying to stay so upbeat for everyone else.


Hello I am new here too, have just been diansoed with stage 1b cervical cancer(yesterday) waiting to get an MRI to find out whether I will have a hysterecomy or will need chemo and radiotherapy. All a bit scary I feel quite numb really but it is nice to find a place where others no what i am about to go through!

Diagnosed 1b cc Aug 2009
re staged 2a pet scan showed para aortic lymph nodes hot spot
4 x Taxol and cisplatin
5 weeks ext rad 3 weeks chemorad with extended beam to include para nodes
4 x brachy
waiting for an mri to confirm treatment worked


Hello eveyone I'm new on here, I have been in touch with Jo's Trust in the last couple of months and really don't know what I'd have done without the doctors advice, anyway, I'm 40 (last week) and had a smear in April, the results came back as severe dyskaryosis and duly went for a colposcopy and had lletz treatment on July 2nd, the nurse told me there and then there was nothing to worry about and even offered to put off the treatment for a few weeks as I was going away, she told me in her opinion it was CIN2 at very worst, I had treatment there and then to get it over and done with and went home releived it had been sorted, went on holiday and carried on as normal thankful that I had been treated, then I had a letter last Wednesday to attend hopspital the following day to see a consultant, this really freaked me out, went along to be told it was cancer albeit very early and an appointment had been made for me to see an oncologist the following Wednesday, (two days ago). I didn't tell anyone apart from my hubby as I didn't want anyone worrying I have a 22 year old son who climbs scaffolding for a living and didn't want him being distracted whilst at work, my mum has her own health issues and well my sister she'd just of gone into her drama queen alter ego and the whole world would have found out! So I went along to the City Hospital in Birmingham to see a wonderful doctor who said he's confident that all the cells were removed at the initial lletz treatment, all without examining me, and that I can have a hysterectomy if I wish but cannot guarantee that the cancer would not come back even then, so I have an appointment for January for another smear and colp and advised me not to make a decision till I get the results from then. So all seems well, so why then do I feel so low, is this normal, I am generally a very happy go lucky and strong person but this last few days all I seem to do is cry, even after having the best news I could have hoped for, I can be fine one minute then I realise I've been sat crying for over an hour, this is why I've decided to come on here, to see if anyone else has experienced this, I know it probably doesn't help that i refused to tell anyone in the first place but I can usually deal with things myself really well anyway, my doctor was really kind last week when I went to ask him for a sick note for work but only gave me one for a week, I don't feel ready to go back yet but feel stupid asking for another when I've been told I'm clear, I honestly feel worse now than when I was going through all the really horrible stuff, all I want to know is if this is a normal reation, if anybody else has been through this it would be great to have any advice you may be able to give.

Kathryn C

Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I am very new to the site (joined last week) but already sooooo pleased I did and glad I found it early in the process.

Abnormal smear (moderate dyskaryosis) letter which I picked up on Sunday on my return from holiday (welcome back!).

Colposcopy now booked for September 16th.

It's fantastic in this situation to know that you are not alone and to read all the positive stories and know that it's most probable you'll be all clear in the end.

Thanks to you all.


Abnormal smear result August 2009- Moderate Dyskaryosis
Appointment for Colposcopy 16th September. CIN 2 confirmed by colposcopy but biopsy back clear!
Awaiting meeting of multi-disciplinary panel to determine what happens next.


Hi Ladies

Thank you all for your welcoming words. I joined your site last week after having my first colposcopy and biopsies taken. I am waiting to go back for the results in two weeks, having been told by the doctor that took the biopsy that I will need treatment, this I will find out in two weeks. Is nice to know this site is here for support, thanks for the tips on using it, I am not very computer literate and it has taken me some time to reach this point. I tried putting my username into the viewtopic search but it said no results were found. I havent been able to locate the thread either. I will keep looking.

In the meantime, going back to the dreaded biopsy, I am trying to keep positive, I have gone back to rereading a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which talks about positive thinking. Despite this cant help feeling like bursting into tears when I think about my appointment and going to have more treatment! Having read about hpv virus, does anyone know if it is beneficial to have the vaccination when you older (i.e in your forties)? I have a teenage daughter who is has just had two of the three vaccines. I am so pleased this is available for our children at an early stage. Think I will ask when I take her for her last appointment but would interested if anyone has thoughts/experience on this?

Unsure as to how access any replies but will post now.


Hello to everyone at Jo's and thanks to those of you who have already replied to my initial post! :)

I'm here because two weeks ago, my smear came back as 'severe dyskaryosis' and I was quite worried. I did the usual internet searches and found this forum! :D

I'm due to have a colposcopy next week... I'm a little concenred about it but will be glad to get things moving!

In the summer, I had an ultrasound scan and was found to have multiple fibroids, so I've already seen a gynaecologist (who gave me the nudge about having a smear.. I was a couple of years overdue! :oops: ) and I have now decided to have a hysterectomy.. my cervix will have to be removed too.

I've had some other issues (won't post about them again!) and so overall, I'm quite worried that I'm going to be diagnosed with something other than CIN3.. but then, I'm pretty sure most of us in this position think the worst.

Best of luck to everyone going through their own worries/treatments etc.. it's a relief to find a place to chat to others who understand.

LW x

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Hi, im new today. i have got a colopscopy due on the 19th november and im trying not to worry. just thought would come on here to try to understand what i have to go through and to chat to others who have been through the same xxx



Can i just say a big thank you to everyone on here? I've been battling since June to try and get my head around a CC diagnosis at 25, and I have come across so much misinformation, and unhelpful information on the net, so much so I had banned myself from google :)

I'm in Aus, but a big thank you anyway.



hi all new joined today, im 30 had severe abnormalities so colposcopy 1oth nov biopsy taken so playing waiting game, had the loop diathermy think same as lletz sorry still learning right terminology . similar to others got random bleeding starts and stops constant mild discharge trying not to get low but with a 5 year old little girl and no family is a bit worrying ! have a lovely bf but he gets frustrated with things he cant fix etc so best to not worry him unless necessary :? hope this not too much of a waffle not got net at mo myself so will check in when poss thanks for reading .


Hi all, its my first time posting, just wanted to tell my story really, I went for my first smear a week after my 25th birthday, I had previously asked for one with my family planning nurse but she declined me because I was underage, I was a bit miffed really because I have two children already and thought that I would be able to have one being 24, I made sure as soon as I hit 25 that I would go,

I find any time I have to show my bits extremely embarrasing even after 2 children :P so anyway 4 weeks after my smear my GP rang and asked if I had recieved my results, I said no and she said well i'll be honest they have came back and shown CIN3 and i was to be referred for a Colposcopy on 6/11 just 5 days later, initially I got was thinking it cant be that bad because it was number 3 and I was thinking number 1 would be the worst but then I made the stupid mistake of googling it!!! I just read for hours and hours and cried for hours and hours too, I just thought of the worst possible outcome that my girls anais 5 and isla 2 would grow up without me, its so hard to be positive when you first find out, obviously I understand now that CIN3 is not cancer its pre-cancer i have finally drummed that into myself now and I am alot more positive, i am lucky that they have spotted this now and not a year or so down the line I'm so thankful I went for my smear but still angry that maybe if they would of let me have one when I wanted one my cells might not have been CIN3.

So on the Friday I had pretty much a sleepless night through sheer worry about the colposcopy, my partner had to work so I had to meet my parents at the hospital with my youngest daughter after dropping my eldest at school, I was the last to book in so the time dragged by in the waiting room, my parents took isla for a walk while I was called in, I was extremely nervous but the Nurse who would be doing the colposcopy was so lovely as were the other two nurses in the room, one was there to distract me and talk me through the procedure whilst the other nurse helped get the instruments ready, the nurse talked me through everything luckily i had the option of having the treatment there and then and I decided that would be best, I undressed my lower half in a changing room and put on one of those gorgeous slit up the back gowns on (designed by stella mccartney the nurse joked!) I lied back on the couch with by bottom just hanging off the edge and then the nurse started the colposcopy, it was just like having a long smear, she showed me my cervix on the screen and the area she was going to take away which looked like all of it, I felt a little pain when she administered the LA and then a bit of pressure during the LOOP but nothing major, it was all done in 25 mins, they even made me a cup of tea because I felt a little dizzy and dry mouthed after. I definatley built myself up thinking it would be much worse so it was a piece of cake really lol

So now im waiting for my results but i'm positive, and thats all I can say to anyone in the same situation, stay positive, please don't think the worst because it is very unlikely to happen.

Ist smear oct CIN3
Loop & colp nov 6th
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Hi all.
Just joined before a day. Second time hello.

acai berry


Hi there,

Im new on here also. Ive been combing the internet for somewhere to help me get my head around all the jargon Ive come across since getting my result. I had smear in May this year (after having missed 2 previous ones!) and had mild abnormalities detected. Ive always had clear smear results before so I wasnt particularly worried. I had the follow up one a few weeks ago, and the results are severe dyskaryosis, which I think means CIN3, am I right? Im completely petrified now, as the changes have got worse in only 6 months, and Im not entirely sure if this means there could be cancer there and the colposcopy Im having on 15th December is just to confirm it or not? Could anyone help me out about that please? Im worrying as Ive 2 boys, aged 11 and 14, and me and my husband separated in April this year but are still friends, but if this turns out to be cancer Im not even sure whether I'll have him supporting me or not. Ive got amazing friends though for support and comfort. But its always better getting firsthand advice from people who know what they're talking about.

From looking through these first posts it looks like everyone is very welcoming and helpful. Thats a good sign as Im quite timid, even when talking to people who dont know me and cant see me!

Thanks in advance.

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Hello to everyone I have been looking on this site for a while but I just decided to join. I am very scared I had my lletz 6 months ago and I just went back for the follow up smear test. The nurse couldn't find my cervix and when she did she told me that there is still a scab and the area is very shore still. she looked very suprised and offcourse that has stressed me a lot. There is a history of cervical canser in my family, my granmother died from it and all the rest of the women ( mum, unts, cousins) they all had hysterectomy's.
Does anyone now how long it takes for the wound to be healed and if anything sounds out of place.
Its good that I can talk to someone.
thank you I am looking forward for your reply's


Hi Angela,

It may be a better idea if you start a new post, especially as you are looking for advice. It may get missed under the heading of this post. Everyone's recovery rate is different, but do try not to worry too much (difficult I know)
Has the doctor referred you for further examination?
Let us know how you get on?

Z xxx

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Thanks to everyone for their kind words and honesty. After frightening myself silly on other internet sites, found this site read through it, big sigh of relief and a better sense of perspective. Glad your here.

Suze xxx

may 09 abn smear slight changes
nov 09 abn smear slight changes
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I joined the site today after watching the programme about Jade, and instantly feel so much less alone after struggling post LLETZ. I'm one of the lucky ones who has been through LLETZ and had the all-clear, but I know there will always be that risk, but at least I know I can talk to people on here and share my worries.

It's now 5 weeks since my LLETZ and I'm still not feeling quite right, but I've absorbed loads of advice just by reading the posts on here tonight. I dare say there's more to find on here, and there's more we can be doing. I help to organise a yearly event, Relay For Life, every year in my area for CRUK and I know this year it's going to be even more emotional than ever.

Thanks for doing what you do, I think I may end up checking on this page as often as I do on facebook!

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Hi all!
Im also a newbie, so thanks for the welcome messages - its such a warm welcome! Whilst I joined in November last year, things have been hectic for me so I have only just got around to checking the site out properly (prompted by a lovely phonecall from someone at Jo's trust).
I look forward to being able to voice my concerns & feelings on here in the future :)


Apr09 grd 3 stg 2b CC diagnosed, age28
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Oct09 cancer is back & spread to lymph nodes in neck, chest & abdomen
Feb10 completed 18 wk chemo course
Mar10 started ANOTHER course of rad/chemo & ongoing