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Hi Ladies

I thought I would write a post about having hope.

I was reading through the posts the other day, and someone pointed out that lots of ladies who are diagnosed with (for example) CIN may post here and then perhaps not again when they receive an all-clear. This is, of course, brilliant news for them, and I'm certainly not being critical. This forum is here to support all who need it. It does mean that the forum may be dominated by stories where ladies end up having treatment of varying degrees.

When we are first diagnosed, it is really, really scary. The waiting for results and being in limbo is hellish. I just wanted to highlight there is hope.

My story is detailed in my signature up to a point.

Following a routine check-up my consultant found a mass in the vaginal vault. On 19 September I was told that an MRI two days previously indicated that the cancer I'd been treated for in 2008 had recurred. This was the opinion of my consultant (whom I have always liked and respected - still do!), a Harley Street specialist and a radiologist. I was told that I would require 5 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy. I was booked in to have the mass removed on 29 September, after which we would talk about the course of treatment.

Off I went, had a general anesthetic, and woke up an hour later. Much to my surprise my consultant told me the mass did not look cancerous, and I am delighted to say that 10 days later the lab confirmed his suspicions. The cancer isn't back. I'm on monthly check-ups for the foreseable future, but I'll take that!

So, four years after diagnosis, I'm still here, and specialists are sometimes wrong.

Good luck girls. Keep the faith, and carry on posting on here. Those of you that give so much support to others are amazing, and make me humble.

Kay xxxxx

Abnormal smear August 2008
Colposcopy 2 September 2008
Diagnosed stage 1b 8 October 2008
Radical hysterectomy and pelvic clearance 7 November 2008
Check-ups every 3 months - all clear
Until 12 September 2012 when lump found in vaginal vault


Excellent post and I think going through this process is so important. Sometimes we can get very lost in the tragic outcomes because they are so close to home. I too was diagnosed with stage 1b CC just over a year but hoping that I am now working towards my own happy ending. So glad you got the all clear it must have brought it all back for you xx

Smear - April '11 Biopsy - June '11 Diagnosed CC stage 1B age 28 LLETZ - July 11 MRI - Aug 11 Surgery - Lymph node removal and Second LLETZ - Sept '11 No spread found, no lymph node involvement Clear smear - Feb 2012


That's an amazing story and I'm really glad you posted it on here.

We all do need hope, regardless of what stage in this horrible journey we are in. You are quite correct to say that specialists can get it wrong and do a lot more than we are aware of.
Your story is an inspiration to me and will be for many others too. I have learnt fighting through cervical cancer that you're attitude and strength of character can make a huge difference to how you cope.
You sound like a wonderfully strong person and I hope your good health continues for a long, worry free future.
Thank you again for posting x


Kay thanks for posting, very inspirational. You're right, hope is a very powerful tool.
I'm so pleased to hear that it was a phantom 'recurrance' and you're doing well, are heathy and cancer free. Long may this be the case!

Lisa x x x

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All clear 23.10.12
Check-up #1 14.03.13
MRI Result #1 11.06.13 - ALL CLEAR