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lletz results - good news

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lletz results - good news

Hey all,
just thought i would update and say I got my results from my lletz procedure. I had a "moderate abnormality which was entirely removed by the procedure". Very pleased. Have my follow up smear in august. Thanks to everyone who posted and replied and put my mind at ease.
Also, another good thing...the bleeding has stopped!!! I am going to have a long hot bath later, first one in over 3 weeks, can't wait!

May 2011 - abnormal smear
December 2011 - repeat smear - abnormal cells
January 2012 - colposcopy and punch biopsy - CIN 2
February 2012 - LLETZ
March 2012 - results - moderate abnormality entirely removed.
August 2012 - follow-up smear booked