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my sister's update

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my sister's update

Hello Ladies

I hope I find you all well and strong.

Just thought i'd let you know how my sister Helen is getting along after her surgery. She is doing fine slowly doing more each day. She had letter yesterday to go to see the radiotheraphy team on monday at 4pm, she was a little teary but generally fine.

We are hoping she'll only need radiotherapy but we will just have to wait as they were very confident they got it all in surgery, after all it took 8 hours. But as Helen said yesterday its better to be safe than sorry.

When I get more details i'll post again and I dare say I'll have lots of things to ask.

Thanks for reading this.

Love Kev xx

PS sending for my Jo's christmas cards soon, I usually buy cancer research ones but couldn't think of a better cause this year than Jo's.

Brother of a cervical cancer patient


Hi Kevin

Glad to hear Helen is doing well. Will be keeping everything crossed for her appointment

Alison x

Radical Hysterectomy for 1b cervical cancer September 2004


I hope all goes well on Monday will be keeping everything crossedxxx

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D



Hi Kevin,

Hope everything goes well for Helen at the hospital today... I had Chemo and Radiotherapy, compared to what Helen's been through; It's a doddle!!!She will have the disadvantage of being weaker due to the major surgery she's had... But she's a tough cookie and will get through whatever they throw at her.

take care,
Caroline xxx :)

Sue M


Lots of luck for today!

Sue xxx


Hello Ladies

Hope this finds you all in good spirits

Again thanks for your reply.

Spoke to Helen yesterday she's in amazing spirits. We had a great laugh on the phone. She is getting around in a wheel chair at moment, but also walks regulary.

Today she is not looking forward to as she is a little scared of maybe losing her hair, she was a hairdresser in her late teens/ early twenties and loves hair. But she may not need chemo or even if she does may not affect her hair.

She is eating everything in sight at moment. But she is eating lots of "JUNK" FOOD into pasties and custard slices at the moment!!!!!!!!!. Which I am trying to get her wined off but its more difficult than it sounds 250 miles away.

Anyway thanks for your good wishes yet again.

One question do they do radio+chemo combined? or is one before the other?



Kev xx

Brother of a cervical cancer patient