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New here........

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New here........

so would like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My names Amber I'm 34, married with 2 children. Two years ago my smear test came back abnormal and on further investigation (coloposcy) was found to have CIN 3. This was treated under general and a biopsy taken. Everything came back alright and was advised to have 6 monthly checks at the coloposcy clinic, unfortunately each visit has resulted in me needing treatment and although I did get a negative back in feb this year, yesterday I received my results form septembers smear and once again they are abnormal. So I am now waiting for yet another visit to the clinic for further zapping :evil:

I've just stumbled onto this site and having read some of the posts; I feel this site is just what I need right now :)

Sorry to ramble but am looking forward to meeting you all.


hello and welcome to JO's,

I'm sure everyone will reply tomorrow, I just want to say HELLO in case you were cxhecking every 5 minutes"!!!

filbert x

My glass is half full!


Hi Amber a big welcome to Jo's
I personally can't help you but I know some of the of the girls here, they're a fab bunch, will know excatly where you're coming from.

Best wishes for your visit to the clinicxxxx

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D



Hi Amber welcome, you will find loads of people been through the same as you here so dont worry!hopefully you will get some good advice i cant help you i had a radical hysterectomy ten years ago, but if you need to talk or moan!! im great at that love kaz xxx :P

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!


:D hi amber,im quite new myself,i joined in beginning of november after receiving a pre-cancerous result from smear on hallowen.ive been havin(womans problems)as my previous drs put them ,for years now. some of the symptons have got worse,i knew'something'wasnt right,so when i got the result i was a wreak,been to a coulpe of drs app' since,the results say pre-cancerous,&normally dont give symptons,but the smyptoms i have are like the ones you have-when its already in the cancer stages.so dr has referred me for gynea appoitment,could wait 5/6 months for that. :evil: Anyway as you relise i havent gone through what you have,&i do feel guilty when i go on,as the ladies on here(including yourself)have been through hell,gone/going through treatment,&all ive been told is its pre-cancerous,but that hasnt stopped the ladies on here mailing me,they are all great support&they dont care how much you ramble belive me(i do it all the time,as youve probally guessed) take care.fifi :)

cin1 oct'05. cin2 may'06.
d'cone op oct'06.
finally get result of
adenocarcinoma in situ march'07.


Hi Amber,

Welcome to Jo's. You have come to the right place and will receive tons of support.

I'm so sorry you are having negative results all the time, but at least you are having it treated.

I love the way you describe it as zapping, it just sums it up doesn't it? :)

Good luck

love Diane x

Sarah x

Hello there!

Rambling, moaning and groaning is great! Don't knock it, we all do it. There is no comparison/competition of diagnosis, symptoms treatments etc here. It just seems that whatever is causing someone to be down there are others here to help pick you up. Think of it as team work. You could be the one sending the next supportive post to someone who's treading in your footsteps and feels how you do and they'll be greatful you understand. Everyone here has so much to offer. They're a God-send.

Be the best you can be when you can and allow yourself to lean on others when you can't. :wink:

Best Regards
Sarah x

Terry Connell

Hi there,

You have come to the right place to get support and help from the wonderful people on this site. There is nothing wrong in having a moan and everyone is very supportive.

God Bless,