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New to Jo's Advice please

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lynn hope
New to Jo's Advice please

hi,all,what a great website,, i had a radical hysterectomy and lymph nodes and top of vagina removed 9wks ago now,i have felt really depressed and alone with my feelings untill i found jo,s :D . my family are brill but its good to talk to someone who has been through the same.i have just gone onto HRT premarin, i tried the natural way but the severe sweats were taking over my life, :cry: . is there anyone who has tried what i am on,if so i would love to hear from you,THANK :wink: love lynnxxxxalso could anyone tell me how long it takes for the swelling of the stomach and tops of the legs to get better,mine are still very swollen and my legs ache loads thanks :) love lynnxx

stage 1b cervical cancer diagnosed august 2005,
radical hysterectomy plus 30 pelvic lymph nodes
removed,,(plus other bits)


Hi Lynn,

firstly, a big welcome to Jo's!

It sounds as though we have had similar surgery - I had my Radical Hysterectomy (with lymph nodes, etc) done in Feb and remaining ovary removed in July. I plunged into the menopause about 3 weeks after the last lot of surgery. I am 36 years old.

I can't give any advice on temparin as I do not use this but I have been put on an oestrogen only HRT which has helped calm the hot flushes down loads. I have it via a patch which I change twice a week. I have not had any problems with it so far (except the odd time the patch has come off in the shower). There are other ladies on Jo's who are also on HRT so you may find that someone is able to let you know specifically about temparin.

I hope that you are recovering ok from your surgery. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Love Rachel xx

Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphadectomy and ovary removed in Feb 2005 following cancer diagnosis. Further surgery in July 2005 to remove remaining ovary.


Hi Lynn

I just read your message to Rachel - sorry you have only had one reply :( we are a very supportive lot - it has been very quiet on the board and many of us skip on for a quick 5 mins here and there. I used to be very active on here but it was just taking over my life :roll:

I had similar surgery to you in September 2004 (laparscopically assisted vaginal rad hyst & nodes) and had my ovaries removed 4 weeks ago (unrelated to my cancer) so am also menopausal, ratty, hot and sweaty!!! I am on estradot patches - which are oestrogen only. You don't need to have progesterone if you have had a hysterectomy - I'm afraid I don't know that much about HRT so don't know what exactly premarin is. I have just had to increase my dose because the dose I was on was too low. So - you might need to play around a bit before finding the right HRT for you.

In terms of your cancer the way you are feeling is totally normal - unpleasant it is, but I found comfort in the fact that other girls were going through the same thing too. You are at a hard time and need as much support as possible - things do get easier in the end but it takes some time.

Take each day as it comes, and don't be too hard on yourself. Try to find something to treat yourself with - nice facial / haircut and some new lovely girlie underwear to make you feel all lovely and feminine.

My swelling in my tummy took some time to go down - but you should be feeling better hopefully in a few weeks physically.

Have you thought of coming along to the Lets Meet day - it was so lovely last year to meet girls in the same situation, chat and feel supported. It might be just what you need in terms of support :)

Better dash - off to a pampering evenign!!

Alison xx

Radical Hysterectomy for 1b cervical cancer September 2004


Thanks so much for your reply :D i hope you dont think i was moaning about my 1 reply, i think the site is great and i know what you mean about it taking over as i am on it every day,but its early days for me yet so love to log on and read all the stories.Good idea about pampering!!! i havent spent much time on myself since the op,i feel so fat,none of my clothes fit me yet,so maybe a trip to the salon and some new clothes may do the trick,, thanks again love lynn xxxx :D

Sue M

Hi Lynn


I haven't logged on for a while so have just read your message. I too had a hysterectomy with lymph node removal about 9 weeks ago. I also had my ovaries removed as I was going to have radiotherapy but in the end didn't have it as my nodes were clear.

My tummy is still a swollen and I am very concious of it but I think once all the muscle has healed it will be back to yoga and pilates!! I'm on Livial to control my menopausal symptoms and that seems to be fine.

Keep in touch Lynn and hope you are ok.

Sue xxx


Hello Ladies

I have not been on Jo's since February. My mum was very ill, she died in May, and other things took over my life.

I had a radical hysterctomy and removal of lymph nodes in 2001. It takes a while for things to return to normal, but they do, and I was back to tennis, yoga etc after a few months. Beware, though, if the swelling in your legs does not go, double-check that you have not got lymphoedema (I have but that was from radiotherapy last year, when the cancer came back :( ). That's another story, but please, all of you who have been treated just with hysterectomy/removal of lymph nodes, don't be complacent (I was, totally, I never dreamed it could come back), and report anything even slightly out of the ordinary to the oncologist.

Keep strong, and keep well - hopefully soon the op will just be a distant memory.


Rad. hyst.2001, sec's 2004 - pelvis & abdomen. Op/Radio. Op Jan 2007. "advanced recurrent cervical cancer" March 2008, palliative chemo - tumour shrunk slightly, growing again. Phase 1 Trials started, stopped, started again, new drug 20/7

lynn hope

hi girls, thanks for your replies, i feel so much better when i can be in touch with people that have been through the same thing, the advice is great toon THANKS love lynnxxxxx :)

stage 1b cervical cancer diagnosed august 2005,
radical hysterectomy plus 30 pelvic lymph nodes
removed,,(plus other bits)