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New to site - diagnosis stage 2B

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New to site - diagnosis stage 2B

Hi All, and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I am due to start my treatment for stage 2B cc on 5th Nov of Chemo and radiotherapy followed by brachytherapy and would be very greatful for anyone who has been through this to share there experience, I'm terrified of becoming really unwell even though my health before this was 100% healthy and I have no other medical conditions.

I have three fantastic children who always keep me on my toes and generally I am managing to stay positive it's just the waiting about and the fear of the unknown.

Thanks :-)

Sept 2012 - diagnosed stage 2b cc

Nov 2012 - started treatment 2.5 of 5 chemo / 22 of 25 radio, 3x brachytherapy

Jan 2013 - check up due

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Hi Lou,

sorry I cant offer you any reassurance about the treatment but identify with your fears as I'm due to find out what stae my cc is at tomorrow and what treatment is needed and I know I will have exactly the same questions as you as out situations are quite similar. I have two children and have always been fit and healthy - its such a blow isn't it? My thinking is that we should be able to cope physically really well with the treatment but I know a healthy mental outlook will be key too. When were you diagnosed? The waiting is just awful isn't it? I had planned to take my boys to my mum and dads in Wales at half term and am so hoping I can still do that depending when treatment is scheduled and what that is so am interested in timescales etc.
Anyway, other than the anxiety, how do you feel physically at the moment? I would say, eat as well as you can in the lead up to treatment start date. Plenty of berries and pulses to graze on is my plan for energy and antioxidants. Some light exercise if you're up to it is also really ggod for your mood and general fitness but above all, listen to your body, sleep when you need to (easier said than done I know when you have kids!) and take support when its offered.
I'm sure you will get some great advice and info about the treatment (I'm following your post too as will no doubt apply to me soon too lol)
Please let us know how you are getting on. PM too if you need a rant or a chat. some fab ladies on here and they really have helped me up to this point and I know that will continue too.

Take care

Smear Mar 2012 - mild changes Smear Sep 2012 - polyp & abnormal result Colposcopy,hysteroscopy, lletz Sep 2012 11 Oct 2012 - diagnosed adenosquamous carcinoma 11 Oct 2012 - staged at 2B - 5 wks chemo/rad, 3 brachy - ended 27/12...ALL CLEAR 9/4/13!!!!!


Hi Lou,

I had 5 1/2 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy back in June followed by Brachytherapy. I had chemo all day on a Wednesday and radiotherapy everyday for a 10 minute appointment. It actually went by really really fast and I found it mainly tiring and had to learn to let go of a lot of things. Chemo days are long so take in magazines, kindle, i-pad, laptop anything to keep you going or have somebody go with you. Radio is very quick it's just the waiting around if they are running late.

Just remember everybody is different with regards to side effects, I had no sickness with the chemo and know I was lucky but the radio affected my bowels and had to limit my fibre intake after the second week. The staff will ask you how the treatment is going and you just say if you need anything, I was grateful for the imodium tablets and always carried them with me.

Our family helped a lot with housework,childcare and I would say take every bit of help you can you need to think of you and reserve all of your strength and energy to stay strong.

I actually found it easier once I started the treatment as I knew I was doing something about it, the worst part was at the begining waiting around for biopsies scans and the fear of the unknown
Please feel free to PM me - sending you a huge hug x Lisa

Miscarriage at 5 1/2 months Mass found biopsy taken 13/4/12
MRI,PET Scan, EUA, Biopsy Results Tumour 5cm 1B2 Rare Glassy Cell 2/5/12
Chemo/Radiation for 5 1/2 weeks & Brachytherapy 11/6/12
Treatment Finished 26/7/12 3 Month check up 22/10/12 ALL CLEAR!

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Thankyou for taking the time to reply Andrea and Lisa.

I hope everything goes well for you tommorow Andrea will b thinking of you.

I was refered to colposcopy after an unsuccessful attempt to do my smear in August, it then took 3weeks n 5days for me to get my appointment for colposcopy where they took some biopsys and told me that same day that yes I did have cervical cancer but would need to get other tests to get staging etc.
Got MRI on 17th Sept and met with doctor on the 19th to discuss results, I was told cancer has spread to the lining at the side of the cervix and there was a suspicious lymph node (was staged as 2B cc).

Met consultant on 28th Sept who went over treatment plan, I have to get 5 weeks of chemo n radiotherapy, chemo will b every Monday n radiotherapy mon-fri for the same 5 weeks, 4 sessions of brachytherapy 2x per week.

Got PET-CT scan on 1st Oct which hasn't shown anything else (thank goodness).

The next thing I got through the post was an A4 sheet with a list of dates for me to attend the hosp, with a treatment start date of 5th Nov.

The waiting definetly has to be one of the hardest parts (easy for me to say since treatment hasn't started yet) but sitting about knowing the cancer is in me and I cant do anything but wait is awful.

I will take your advice Lisa and make sure I take things in with me to try keep myself occupied. Can I ask you long your Wed treatment sessions lasted with getting the chemo and radiotherapy.

Geez sorry for the long post but I have a million things going through my head right now :?

Sept 2012 - diagnosed stage 2b cc

Nov 2012 - started treatment 2.5 of 5 chemo / 22 of 25 radio, 3x brachytherapy

Jan 2013 - check up due


Hi Lou just wanted to wish you well with your treatment. I've just started week two of chemo and radiation and previously had a radical hysterectomy. The waiting and the not knowing is the worst. Everyone is so different in how they react to treatment. Unfortunately I've been plagued with nausea so I intend to speak to the nurses tomorrow and see if I can try a different anti sickness tablet. I've also been tired, despite doing nothing! I have to say the team in radiology have been so lovely, really upbeat every day and really do want to know how I'm feeling and that really helps. My chemo is on a tues and I have to say I did find it a really long and boring day so I'm more prepared for tomorrow with lots to do. I have to be there for 08 30 and didn't finish until gone 5 as they need to give you loads of I'V fluids to flush your kidneys. Friends and family have been amazing and for once in my life I'm letting others take over and do what they want. It makes them feel that they are being useful and allows you to just let your body and mind recover. It's a difficult time we all are going through but we will beat this. I will be thinking of you! Take care


2002 - CIN 3 - Lletz procedure May 2012 - CIN 3 Lletz procedure July 2012 - 1B1 cervical cancer, radical hysterectomy, 61 pelvic lymph nodes removed and all clear.  Extensive LVSI presence. Chemo/radiation started October 2012

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Hi Lou,

A 2B girl here, though nearly 2 years out of treatment and so far NED!! I had 5 cisplatin, 28 internal radiation and brachy. It wasn't overly pleasant, but it is do-able. You just need to realise that you will be knackered and so let others do things for you.

Hope it all goes well for you - feel free to pm me,

Ceri xx

Sept '10 - diagnosed 2B CC adenocarcinoma Chemoradiation/brachy - completed 22/12/10 Confirmed radiation damage to bowel 7/11 1 year all clear - 12/11 Diagnosed with bile acid malapsorption due to radiotherapy - 12/11 2 year NED 11/12

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Hi Lynn and Ceri,

Thankyou for your posts, I hope your treatment goes well Lynn n you get the nausea under control. Thankyou Ceri aswell knowing you went through what I am about to is a support in itself, you wouldn't wish cancer on anyone but just knowing there are others who have been diagnosed, went through the tests, the treatment and most importantly been given the all clear is soo good to hear.

You can feel very alone when you hear those words that you have cancer and I imaging it could be very easy to feel like just curling up n hibernating n not having to deal with reality but the support and number of members on this site alone has reassured me that I will give every bit of fight I have to get through this and hopefully by the end be 100% healthy again and be able to offer the support, reasurrance and knowledge I gain throughout this journey to be there for others who unfortunatly will experience what we have been through.

Lou xx

Sept 2012 - diagnosed stage 2b cc

Nov 2012 - started treatment 2.5 of 5 chemo / 22 of 25 radio, 3x brachytherapy

Jan 2013 - check up due


Hi Lou,
Stage 2b here as well...13 weeks post treatment,this site is my companion during my treatment.Ceri is one of my advicer here as well and all the ladies here are so supportive :)
I will just echo what other ladies have said most likely the experience are the same though the side effects are diff for each one of us.Chemo will kick me off after 3 days im having a hard time eating but soups will do,watermelon is my favourite then,Radiotherapy will take only 10-15mins (my travel time to the hospital is 2hrs :? ) i had diarrhea problem during my 4th week but loperamide really works :) Brachy is not as bad as i imagined i much had a harder time of the fasting than the brachytherapy treatment :lol:
but to make this short, the treatment and whatever you will go through at the end its all worth it :)
Im feeling good everyday after the treatment im loving my new normal life with my 3kids and husband...

Stay strong and be positive....

Stage 2B,no lymph nodes involvement.
5 chemo
28 radiotherapy
4 Brachytherapy
finished treatment July 27,2012
1st follow up check up Sept.19,2012 (NED)