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Newbie here ( children mentioned)

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Newbie here ( children mentioned)

Hi there,

I have been poorly for a little over 2 months now. started with bloatedness bad back and severe pain in right side. I was rushed into hosp thinking appendicitis but turned out from Urine sample to be a UTI. 1 month later and endless anibiotics I was sent for an internal scan which showed up some fluid in my cervix and uterus ,was asked if I ever had a c section as she could see something she thought was scarring (wasnt told what this was in results ) anyway my ovaries were fine which she happilly bounced around to show me (erghhhh it hurt) I found the whole process very painful and had to ask her to give me a minute a few time. Went to the docs and he said ENDOMETRIOSIS was likely as my womb lining was thick. Advised me to have coil out so the antibiotics would work, i plucked up courage and had coil out also asked if she could swab and give me a smear at the same time. Results come back I had a infection and I also got results from Smear back within 4 days for CIN3. Now I know the CIN3 is not cancer but I am a little worried as I have awful pain in pelvis and I keep getting a shooting pain in my bum which is excruicating I have had this for a couple of years and just put it down to childbirthx 3 taking its toll. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar and it just turned out to be their ENDOMETRIOSIS and nothing to do with CIN3. Having the coil out I bled quite a lot and it hurt so bad but again am hoping it ws the ENDOMETRIOSIS/infection.

I apologise for waffling on but would appreciate feedback on my post.

Zoe xx

PS am awaiting date for colposcy