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Post Lletz...Cervix healing normally??

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Post Lletz...Cervix healing normally??

Hi everyone, I am new to the sight and can not tell you how greatful I am to have found it!!!

I am 25 and went for my first smear in september, within a week of my smear I had already had a letter saying I had severe dyskaryosis, an appointment for colposcopy clinc and then the following week I had Lletz....Well that was something I wish I never have to go through.

I am now 2 weeks post Lletz (still have no results!!!!) and my recovery doesnt seem to have been too bad. I had the initial bleeding and pain the first few days and since then it has just been a bit of discharge (sorry tmi). My concern is the state of my cervix!! I had a bath last night (I know im not allowed but ive been kneeling in the bath as my shower is broken) I decided to have a feel of my cervix, more out of curiosity, I wanted to know if there was any pain when it was touched (hoping to resume to "normality" with my boyfriend asap) but I was quite shocked and concerned about how it felt. Usualy it is like a small donut (with a smaller hole obvs) but it felt like the hole in the centre was huge and it also felt like there was a big gash in the side of it. The only good thing was that there was no pain at all when touching it but now im scared that i have a completey deformed cervix!!!!! Has anyone else experienced this or have any info they can give me??? its totally put me off resuming my sex life until its back to normal!!