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post treatment and worried

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post treatment and worried

Hi all (again),

Finished my treatment last week for stage 2 adenosquamouos cc. This morning I appear to have a sore lower back and legs. This is something I experienced with my symptoms of cc and I am now worried that they have re appeared after my treatment has stopped. I dont know if it's just paranoia or if I should be concerned. Total wreck since I finished treatment, thinking what if it aint worked and now this??? Although I am relieved to be done with the treatment and I was I felt feeling better with each day, although still lacking in energy but feeling ok within myself. Any advice much appreciated.



Hi Kim
radiation carries on working on your body for a good 6 weeks to 2 months after treatment has finished.
i remember how i felt the week after treatment had finished and i was on my own out of the treatment loop
I had all sorts off aches and pains very similar to my symptoms, plus loads of other symptoms, which in my mind
could have been cancer rearing its head all over my body!!
you have been through a lot, and now it has finished you are full of anxiety as to whether it has
worked, we've all been there. dont worry you will feel fine gradually day by day you will have aches and pains all over
some imagined some real, youve got through some very tough treatment, take life easy and pamper yourself
you will be fine
katie63 :D

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Hi kim
You replied to my post earlier and was going to pm you tomorrow. Thank you so much for your kind words as its clear that you are going through so much yourself! I picked up on the lower back pain and aching legs as this is what I am experiencing at the moment. This is so huge isn't it? This happens to someone else what I thought . Maybe this is happening to us cos we ARE strong enough to cope. Sorry you are anxious and hope to be a support to you as much as I can . Pm you
tomorrow mornin kim ...you are amazing xx

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