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pre assesment

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carron hulme
pre assesment

Hi all

I'm off for my pre assesement this morning.

It make it all so real now and bring it much close on how real this is. :(

Ive been made to feel very welcome and am receiving lots of support and advice and am so grate ful for it. :)

X x

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Good luck, thinking of you x x x

08/2012 - Moderate Dysk from 1st smear (age 24.5, because the nurse told me I could get one about 6 months before turning 25 so I thought 'why not') 5/9/2012 Colposcopy & LLETZ 28/9/2012 Results - CIN 2 reaching edge of biopsy area 11/3/13 Check up smear 25/3/13 Results - NORMAL!!! Check-up smear 21/02/14 Results - Normal, no evidence of high risk HPV! Checl-up smear 14/03/17

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Hi Carron

let us know how it went and how you are feeling when you can

Sending lots of positive vibes

xxx :wink:

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