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Pre assesment done feelng very nervous now :(

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carron hulme
Pre assesment done feelng very nervous now :(

Hi all

Had my pre assesment done on monday...what a long day and so much to take in... firstly was seen by the consultant who is concerned because ive asked him to leave my overies in if they are healthy which he not happy about but after a long discussion we came to a agree over, then was seen by the physio she went thr so much not even sure i can remember it all,then we seen the nurse were you do urine sample height weight etc, then i seen an other consultant (so i was confused) she did a m.o.t asked me so many question and did lots of test, then had my blood taken (by this point it only me and another ladie left there but she had arrived a long time after i did) then seen and other nurse that just asked millon of question, then seen another nurse after that that asked question, then was told i could go but as we where going i was told i couldn,t as there some one else that need to see me alast min thing, and this is what made us laugh she was a senior nurse and she needed to see me because of my bowl.... so ive been put on this diet that empty your bowl and the best of it is im away when i have to start it it a 3 day diet limit food on sunday liquid only on monday this includes soup but no bits can have as much drink as i like my husband thought it was great because this includes beer and wine!!! and on the tuesday it fluids only!!! no food at all :cry: and on top of that i have to take 4 lascative tablets a day :o , plus we were given so many books and leaflet that we filled a carrier bag up.
we also asked lots of question to make sure we have all the information we need it has helped but still very nervous.
The reality of it all has very much it home now as i was being rather cool about it.
I had a complete break down at work yesterday didnt know what to do with my self, im restless cant sleep ive lost a stone in 3 weeks (tbh im a bit over weight) and am struggling alot now.
I had complecation last time i had a op so thats not helping either i have told the consultant my consern and he say i need to reise these with the anesatise guy (sorry cant spell it ).

If any one else want to share there story i would love to hear it.

wishing every one else good luck with result and op's

x x

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Hi Carron,

have just pm'd you before I saw this so please dont feel like you have to explain again. Bless you!! What a rough and emotional day for you but you got through. I know what you mean about hitting home - I had one of those moments at 5.30 this morning and so I think the tears are starting to come but I think thats a normal process. Luckily I'm not at work this week - going in next week to handover to a colleague and then going to concentrate on me, the treatment and getting well. Hope you are ok today and you know where I am if you need to talk


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Wow! What a huge day! I'll tell you about my pre-admission appointment. It was at 2.30 in the afternoon. The lady was right on time, so no waiting, which I was impressed with. She weighed me, measured my legs for pressure stockings, had me sign a couple of pieces of paper, gave me a few pamphlets, reassured me I wouldn't be left in pain at any time, and that was it! I would have been out by 2.45 at the very latest (and I drove an hour and a half each way for that). And you were there all day :shock:

The next day, I did have to go up to the local hospital and have 6 vials of blood drawn, but that's it. Nothing more. No information, no examinations, no scans ... it all seems very ill prepared to me, and it sounds like Australia is very different to the UK in the preparations they make for surgery!

Hang in there. It's all very scary and overwhelming at times, but us women are strong and you will be just fine! *big gentle hugz*

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The pre-assessment really brought things home for me too so I know how you feel. I was quite anxious in the week before my operation - I even cleaned the house top to bottom the day before which is not normal for me!

Is your operation open or laprascopic? I had a radical hysterectomy (including ovaries at my request) and pelvic lymph nodes removed laprascopically a few weeks ago. The hospital staff were great and the surgery was a real success. Everyone is different and I know my experience has been very positive. While there was discomfort and pain it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be and very manageable with pain relief. I was shuffling about very slowly but was back home recovering after two days. Within a couple of weeks I was back doing light chores at home and even the school run. Three weeks on I am much more mobile but still very tired. It has taken an emotional toll but that said it's do-able and really not that bad. Do you have plenty of people to help out and provide support? I kept myself occupied and made lots of meals for the freezer in the weeks before my operation which really helped.

I have plenty of advice for the hospital, please PM me if you are interested :)

The operation is a necessary step towards your full recovery. Stay strong and positive you will be through this soon and can focus on getting better. You will be just fine, if there's anything I can do to help please let me know.

Take care :)

Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

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