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precancer of man bits...

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precancer of man bits...


well, i've finally heard that my first boyfriend was treated for precancer of the penis just before christmas.
i knew he'd had a lletz type of proceedure but was unsure as to what it was.. i really feel for him as he's only 30 and at the same time i am quite alarmed. :shock: i thought this was really rare in men especially those so young...

what is also strange is that we both had precancer within 6 months of each other... we went out 11 years ago!! he was a couple of years older than me and had had a couple of partners before me... but both of us have also had other partners since then so my hpv could easily have come from somone else and so could his... but it is really strange!

anyone else know of anyone who experienced this?! I would love to know!

love Jess xxx

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2007 - LLETZ to remove CIN 2

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2016 - negative smear high risk hpv AGAIN! Referred to colposcopy. Nothing seen 

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