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results from swabs back

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results from swabs back

:D hi ladies thankyou so much for your replys,its wednesday 16th,12:13pm, i just phoned drs & results are back& HOORAY!!!!!,there all clear,not one infection found,im so happy right now,show the dr for presuming my smear result is probally due to chladmidia or another sti! did annoy me the way i was made to feel (even if it did show something why should i feel ashamed,&made to feel a tart);i do hope dr feels ashamed of herself right now,for jumping to conclusions like that,teach her!.anyway me going on just wanted to say thankyou for your replys& and to post you my news.now just the long old wait for gyne appoitment :roll: thanks again, best wishes to you all,fi.x

cin1 oct'05. cin2 may'06.
d'cone op oct'06.
finally get result of
adenocarcinoma in situ march'07.


Hi Fifi,

Fantastic news I am so pleased for you. :lol:

Dont forget to celebrate!

love Diane x