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Hi All just been for my annual smear couldnt get in to see the doctor so had to see the practice nurse i was assured she was very expereinced.she asked me when my last period was i explained i had a hyst ten year ago she asked me what for!! why couldnt she look through my notes before i got there is so bloody frustrating to have to go through the same questions every time did i have regular smears?? oh it must have been awful for you so young?? yes it was and now i have to go over it all again.wellas if that wasnt bad enough there iwas in all my glory and she said oh your gonna need a vault smear arnt you? i havnt done one since we got the LBC,so off she goes to ask someone which brush she needs, she comes back with a spatula well thats not gonna work is it i said you have to break the brush into the preperation.so she has to ring the hospital to ask them, and i was right the normal brush is used.just when i thought it was gonna be all over she asks me to put my hands under my bum to tilt my cervix OH HELLO I HAD THAT REMOVED TEN YEARS AGO!! sorry to go on but i needed to vent some anger love kaz xx :evil:

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!


Hi Kaz

I thought it was just me.

I received a letter (standard one) asking me to come for a smear test and that I needed to do this urgently. It seems that they may have received the results of my hospital test or something but it freaked me out. (My cervix etc was removed last Sept 04)

Think I am going to ask that they take me off the list.

How come you are not seen at the hospital anymore?




Hi caroline i was only followed up at the hospital for a couple of years, then they started sending for me from my doctors! had annual smears there ever since had no problems until today i asked the nurse if i get the all clear this time if i can start having them done every three years, but she didnt have a clue so will ask at work tomorrow.do you still have your smears at the hospital then ?? wish i lived nearer london meeting up sounds great only go to london to see my friends in essex speak soon love kaz xx :lol:

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!


Hello Kaz when i had my hystorectomy i was told that the vault smear wasnt done any more so might be worth asking how acurate they are. i just used to have an internal! yuck i know what you mean about having to tell people over and over i think that oh you havent seen my notes then. makes me so cross. you take care always fighting karen xxx


I had chemoradiotherapy which finished Feb05. I asked the Prof "will I be having smears" ......................his reply, no way after radiotherapy, they are totally unreliable and not worth doing as each and every smear would flag up abnormalities due to the radiotherapy. I have to rely on 3 monthly internal exams.

Is this the norm after radiotherapy?


1b2 CC, pos lymph nodes. Aborted rad hyst, Lymphectomy, BSO, Chem/rads, Brachy, Recurrance, Total pelvic exenteration, Intestinal failure due to radiation damage, Small bowel removal, re-fashioning of stoma, electrolyte imbalance from malabsorbtion.


Just replying to Kayla
Yes, I was told exactly the same as you. Chemoradiation blitzes all your bits so everything is abnormal. I guess we've had our last ever smear. I have the same as you - internal every 3 months. I finished my chemoradiation April 2004. Just coming up for my 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis - always a bit surreal.
Take care


Well imtotally confused now! i didnt have chemo or anything just a radical hyst with the top part of my vagina removed and my lymph nodes. so why have i been having vault smears for ten years i asked a doctor at work couldnt get to see the consultant who told me some consultants insist on them some dont bother!! im a bit worried now what are they looking for after ten years being cancer free surely i wont get it again, anyone else had this problem. love kaz xx :?

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!



I too had radical hysterectomy followed by radiotherapy (which finished December 2002). My consultant told me there was no point having smears as they would always be abnormal due to the damage caused by the radiotherapy. I had internals 3 monthly to start with, then to six monthly and am now on annual internals, with my consultant. He also said to me that, should the disease return, I'd be the first to know!!

I too get letters annually from my PCT telling me to come for a smear, and it is very important that I attend in view of the result of my last smear (in 2002)..... twice now I've tried to get myself off their recall list - to no avail!!


Love Janie xx


Hi Ladies

I had a rad hyst 3 and half years ago now and had not been asked to go for a smear until this summer. I was told by my GP that the national protocol had recently changed and I would be asked to go for regular vault smears (I cant remember if she said every year or 3 years?). My oncologist also confirmed this. I was a bit peeved though to receive the standard letter stating how important smears were to catch cancer early (its not that I dont agree, its just a bit late for me!!). I told my GP they should show a bit more sensitivity . Anyway hope that helps.



I had my op nearly eight months ago now and I had my first vault smear done at six months post op and will continue to have them for the forseeable future.

What a nightmare you went throughxxxx

Survivor of 1b1 cervical cancer, Radical Hysterectomy 13th April 2005

Ten years and counting :D



Hiya everyone, well i finally got to see the top gynea at hospital who hasnt done vault smears for years he rekons that they should be done for about a year after sugery, but there is no evidence to suggest they are of any benifit after that. and avised me to stop having them!! feel weird at hearing this even though ive heard a lot of people saying the same to hear it from him was so final just a bit scared after all this time to just stop, cant belive i have been having them for ten years if it is so unnessesary.If we dont need smears the NHS could save money and test women earlier instead, there needs to be a general practice for everybodyto follow surely. oh well moan over hope your all well. off to do some xmas shoppin now yuk love kaz xx :lol:

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!