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stir crazy after trachelectomy

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sam w
stir crazy after trachelectomy

Hi all,

Just wanted a little advice if possible. I had my lymph nodes removed 2 weeks ago and a trachelectomy a week ago. I am fortunate as I seem to be making a good recovery so far. I came home last Sunday and have been feeling better each day, stomach still swollen and a bit sore but esentially going up the wall being stuck indoors.
I spend most of my day eating and there is only so much Fern and Phil a girl can take! The last thing I want is for my stitches to pop or something horrible to happen but I'm wondering if I can go out for lunch if I'm picked up by a friend or for coffee.
Is it ok for me to walk and get a paper? I was not given any post op advice as there wasn't any on trachelectomy.
My family would keep me in bed the whole time given the chance. I'm getting my histology results on Wednesday and hopefully they will be fine but if they are not I will be up for a bout of chemo radiation, thus not going far for a couple of months. I'm just thinking that it would be good to make the most of things whilst I'm feeling OK.

Any advice would be appreciated

Hope you have a happy, stress free weekend (that's what we all hope for right?)

Sam W x

ps I had vaginal trachelectomy

Diagnosed 1b2 10/05 Lymph nodes removed, radical trachelectomy-all clear. Recurrence 5/06, chemo radiation, persistant disease, chemo starts 8/5/07


Hi Sam, :D :D

I too had a trachelectomy in May this year (on my bloody birthday can you believe!) I had my lymph nodes removed at the same time. Once out of hospital (I spent a week in hospital) I had another week at home and then my dear friend picked me up due to me going STIR CRAZY like yourself, we went down the pub and had a lovely meal and a nice bottle of red wine. It was the perfect solution to my absolute boredom and family members, bless them, were running around mad trying to make things easier for me, looking after my 4 year old daughter etc. but I just wanted my house back!! aahhhh!!! :x

Anyway, I remember over doing it every so often but my body was very good in telling me as I got tired so quickly, apparently that is due to the anaesthetic. I got a few pains in my stomach area and up inside (you know where) but that was just from having fun again, laughing my head off and trying to get my life back to normal.

Please email me WHENEVER you like as there aren't that many of us Trachelectomy girlies on here (unfortunately a lot of the ladies have hysterectomies). We are the lucky ones. I do hope all your results come through good? I had my first post op smear test in September and had "perfectly normal" results. Over the moon.

Keep in touch and if there is ANYTHING you want to ask (even private issues) please do so. You can PM me if you like or email me. I will log in most days now I know you are on here.

Take care.

Love Kay :D :D

Trachelectomy in May 2005 after diagnosis of 1B1 cervical cancer and now suffering lymphodema

sam w

Hi Kay
Thanks so much for your reply, I have sent you a pm

Sam W X

Diagnosed 1b2 10/05 Lymph nodes removed, radical trachelectomy-all clear. Recurrence 5/06, chemo radiation, persistant disease, chemo starts 8/5/07


I also had the trachelectomy in July 2005. I filled my time by reading a lot, putting together and puzzle and visiting with family. I was told that it's ok to move around. Walking helps with healing, so don't be afraid to get out and about, just don't over do it. You'll know when you do, everything hurts and you'll be tired. Keep your head up, things will get better.



am I strange - because i would quite like to have a trachelectomy???

My doctor told me on my first colposcopy that if I was older they would have treated me in a much different way - probably with a hysterectomy - although he didn't actually say that.

I'm just wondering if I do end up facing a fourth set of LLETZ if it might be worth asking to have one of these instead?


Hi Sam,

really good to hear that you are recovering from your surgery.

I had different surgery to you so can't really advise specifically. However, after my surgery I started to do a little each day....just do what your body tells you it is happy with. If you overdo it, you will soon find out as you will feel exhausted. Obviously nothing strenuous such as lifting anything.

If you feel up to having a friend pick you up and take you for a coffee then I would do it. It will probably lift your spirits to do something 'normal'. When you are not feeling on top of the world then a change of four walls and a good chat with a friend can be just the thing we need.

Keep in touch. It sounds as though you are doing really well.
Rachel xx

Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphadectomy and ovary removed in Feb 2005 following cancer diagnosis. Further surgery in July 2005 to remove remaining ovary.