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Thanks and more bad luck!

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Thanks and more bad luck!

Just wanted to say thanks to Shiz and Nattalie who replied to my last post. It's reassuring to hear from other people who've had treatment for recurrent CIN and still had a baby.

I was due to have my colposcopy yesterday and had psyched myself up for it.....and guess what, I got my period first thing in the morning.....4 days eary!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO angry! Sometimes I feel like someone up there is having a good old laugh on my behalf.....

Anyway, have rescheduled it for next Thursday. This is also my second week of a new job, so trying to focus on that with the uncertainty of my health is extremely stressful.

Anyway, will stop moaning. I realise I am lucky compared to some of the brave ladies on this site.

Thanks again anyway, Sarahx

Sarah Williams - had cone biopsy in 2001 for CIN2