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Travel Insurance with pre-existing conditions.

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Travel Insurance with pre-existing conditions.

Hi everyone,

Wondered if anyone has been able to obtain travel insurance to include their cervical cancer? I've done a bit of looking around the internet and it seems it could be quite a few hundreds of pounds.

I'd like to go down to Ascension Island for a few days R&R with Stu but one of the entry requirements is full medical insurance, evidence of it has to be produced on arrival.

Would be lovely to spend a week in the tropics with my hubby, he's been gone for 4 weeks now. I'll be pretty hacked off if I can't go because of my cancer, just another reminder of everything. Obviously it all depends on my EUA tomorrow and that nothing sinister is found. :cry:


1b2 CC, pos lymph nodes. Aborted rad hyst, Lymphectomy, BSO, Chem/rads, Brachy, Recurrance, Total pelvic exenteration, Intestinal failure due to radiation damage, Small bowel removal, re-fashioning of stoma, electrolyte imbalance from malabsorbtion.


Hi Kayla, i too had this problem for many years i had cancer ten years ago and i always use the post office now i found it the cheapest and the staff were always really helpfull and understanding!! i had to fill in the medical declartion they said if i wanted to be protected against anything to do with my cervix i would have to pay the excess which was only about 17 pound.seems really stupid as i dont have a cervix so cant get anything anyway so i declined the extra cover and they said that was ok. so i pay anually now,so dont have to go through all those bloody awful questions hopes this helps, its a real pain isnt it as if we havnt been through enough without this hassle talk about being a victim,i tried to apply for life insurance!! sacked it in the end they wanted some riduculous amount of money. hope you get sorted love kaz xx :lol:

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!


Hi Kayla,

I haven't been abroad yet since my diagnosis but am aware that there can be difficulty in obtaining travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions.

I have heard that Marks and Spencer are worth a try. Have also attached a link to the cancer research website which has a page of different companies...may be one of those could be worth a try?


Let us know how you get on.

Take Care
Love Rachel xx

Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphadectomy and ovary removed in Feb 2005 following cancer diagnosis. Further surgery in July 2005 to remove remaining ovary.


Sorry Kayla...I meant to say, good luck with your EUA tomorrow. Hope that everything goes well. Let us know how you get on.

Rachel xx

Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphadectomy and ovary removed in Feb 2005 following cancer diagnosis. Further surgery in July 2005 to remove remaining ovary.


Hi Kayla
I really hope you get to go away, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed all goes well at the hospital.
Re the travel insurance thing - I'm probably being really stupid but I've never declared anything on my travel insurance. I had cancer, I don't have it now. Thats that isn't it? And I don't need cover for cancer anyway on a 2 week holiday in the sun. Because I haven't got it. And anyway, cancer isn't classed as an acute thing like heart problems where you suddenly collapse out of the blue. So I'll chance it for a 2 week holiday.
I dunno, maybe I'm missing something? Or am I breaking the law?
My travel insurance comes with my bank account anyway, so it's just an automatic thing that I don't even have to answer questions or fill in forms for.


Hi Amanda

I agree with everything you say about not suddenly becoming acutely ill, however, all I would say is that if you don't disclose the fact that you have "had" cancer in the past and you happen to fall and break your leg whilst on holiday, if the insurance company discover that you have had cancer and not declared it the insurance policy will be invalid.

Not sure if you have ever read the small print on your annual policy but I think you may find some reference in there to pre-existing medical conditions..... but you'll need a magnifying glass I'm sure!!

Bye for now

Janie x


Hi Kayla

All the best for tomorrow..... I'll be thinking of you. I've got a CT scan tomorrow, results next week sometime I think.

I used Tesco last time for travel insurance but it did exclude anything to do with the cervical cancer.

I can't believe Stu has been away for 4 weeks now, it seems to have passed really quickly, although I bet it's not to you!

Who is it that insists on the medical insurance...? If it's the army then have you asked them about pre-existing medical conditions?

Speak to you soon

Love Janie x


Hi kayla just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow and I really hope you'll be able to go and see Stu i'll be keeping my fingers crossed on both countsxxx

Hi Janie, good luck with the ct tomorrow alsoxxxx

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Ten years and counting :D



Hi Kayla
I hope all went well for you today!
Best wishes




i have travelled abroad a few times since my diagnosis and used a number of different companies as the prices vary quite alot depending on where you are going. i got a booklet from cancerbacup which is specifically about travel and insurance, they also sent a list of companies that insure you for pre existing medical conditions. the questions the companies ask can be upseting, but i have been insured for Barcelona, Praque and IBiza, and Morocco!! making up for lost time!! the prices vary alot so worth ringing a selection. my average was about 30pound but recieved quotes for 500! hope this helps

love and light george


Just like to say how helpful reading all this on insurance has been. What a wealth of information all of you have together.