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I would just like to say thank you to all of you for your comments and overwhelming support. So today was supposed to be my first consult with the surgeon and feedback from all the tests. I got to the hospital only to be told they had booked me in at the wrong one as the surgeon was at another 45 miles away!! So off I drove breaking all speed limits. Ran in only to find he was on leave!! So not only wasnt he at the first hospital he wasnt at any. Lots of apologies from the staff. The Gyn/oncology nurse saw me and gave me some feedback. Looks like it is 1B2. There is also a mass in my uterus but could be a fibroid. Only surgery will tell. If I was a 2 they wouldnt operate at all but only give radiotherapy and maybe chemo. Now booked in to see Consultant on Friday when it should be around 2 weeks till surgery from there. She didnt sound too optimistic about other treatments, just radical hysterectomy. First time I had heard the word tumour. Been up since 4am. So feeling shellshocked and exhausted. Lets pray he is there on friday.


Dear jacquie, you poor thing that is out of order! as if youve not got enough to worry about,get the secretarys number and explain what happened to make sure it doesnt happen again, youve got to be firm and insist you see the cons on friday.hopefully it will be a fibriod!! keep your chin up try to keep positive i know its hard love kaz xxx

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!


Hi Jacquie,

What an experience! That is not just out of order, it's appalling!!! I cannot believe someone could be treated so badly. As Kaz says, get hold of the consultants sec. and give her a ring to confirm your appt. etc.

I wish you lots of luck - let us know how Friday goes.........

Lots of love, Marion xx

amanda 26

Hi Jacqui
Just to echo what the other two have said. It is appalling to be treated like that if you just have a veruca, let alone with the extra burden and fear of getting your results after a cancer diagnosis.
I really hope things go better on Friday. If you are not completely happy and confident with your medical team it is fine to seek a second opinion. Whereabouts in the country are you?
Will be thinking about you and sending good thoughts.

sam w

Hi Jacquie,
What an awful experience, the whole thing is stressfull enough without racing around looking for consultants. Like the other girls I suggest you liaise with your oncology nurse and your consultants sec to make sure that he will definitely be there next time.

I am also 1b2 and of for some surgery tomorrow, nervous but glad that treatment is getting started, the waiting is terrible isn't it?

Hope you get some kind of plan on Friday, take care

Sam W x

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Dear Jacquie, just wanted to know how it went on fri? did you manage to get to see the consultant hope everythings ok love kaz xx

15 years cancer free,ive won my battle but not yet the war!!