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I've had 3 LETTZ treatments this year. I'm assuming my husband of 28 years also has the virus? Should we be using condoms to prevent re infection?


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It depends on whether your husband contracted the virus and has managed to clear it, and whether your immune system managed to clear it, too. Unfortunately, there’s no screening for men at this present time. Condons are a good idea, but they’re not 100% effective, as the virus can live in areas that aren’t covered by condoms.

You may benefit from the Gardasil 9 vaccine, but because you‘re over the age of 26, you’ll have to find a doctor privately to have it. This has been recommended to me by a couple of doctors, one of whom is offering it to me. In the US, Gardasil 9 has been licensed by the FDA for up to the age of 45. Hopefully, it will come here soon, but as always, changes take time!


1996 PCOS & bicornuate uterus

1998 laparoscopic ovarian drilling

1999 IUI fertility treatment 

2012-2014 3 positive smears at CIN1 with HR HPV, but 3 negative colposcopies

2015 1 negative smear, back to 3 yearly screening

May 2018 positive smear at CIN3

June 2018 LLETZ: inflammation at 6mm

Aug 2018 LLETZ: CIN3 without satisfactory clear deep margins at 12 mm

Oct 5th 2018 LAV Hysterectomy - HPV abnormal cells only

Nov 2018 1st Gardasil 9

Jan 2019 2nd vaccine dose

April 2019 Vault smear 

May 2019 3rd vaccine dose

June 2019 No VAIN but HPV active

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Personally, I'd visit a doctor for an advice



Of course you should use this every time before sex. Because this guy is already infected. There is a great to attack up as well. 


Always best to speak to your doctor on medical questions . You will  more than likely share the same strain of the virus now as is your long term partner, so it probably would be carry on as normal situation unless otherwise advised e. g. due to healing after colposcopy treatments like lletz. 

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Even if you have cleared the infection you still have it (so to speak) as it lays dormant in your system. xx

Smears between 19&25: Borderline, then mild, then moderate. CIN 2 confirmed by biopsy (2015). 'Watch and wait'

2016: 12 weeks post partum smear - normal.

2018: Fast-tracked to colposcopy as 'cervix didn't look right' during smear. Colposcopy noted abnormal cells, no biopsy. Smear sample label not filled out and so couldn't be processed. 

Jan 2019: Smear - High grade dyskaryosis (Moderate)

Feb 2019: Colposcopy - Large ectropion, CIN 2-3 observed. LLETZ performed. All CIN successfully removed.

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