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Do you tell the person you’re dating about hpv?

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Do you tell the person you’re dating about hpv?

I’m wondering if everyone discloses hpv or not to a person youre dating? And does it matter if test results now show negative hpv? It seems unclear if it can be passed on if it’s negative??

ive disclosed to two guys so far, and neither of them cared. I was worried about telling them a lot more than they bothered thinking about it. Just FYI - for those of you worried.

i feel like I’m obligated to tell, but my friend who has/had hpv doesn’t tell anyone. She didn’t have as serious a condition as me though (CIN 3 with cone biopsy). 

What do you do? 



I felt the same way.  I ended up with Advanced Metastatic Stg 3 ICC after having 2 Negative HPV Tests within a 2 year time frame.  I found out after a simple hysterectomy that I was HPV positive for 16.  I was shocked.  Men don’t get regularly tested.  You can absolutely give them hpv.    Someone gave me cancer.  If I knew who it was I could save some lives.  But I’ll never know.  I think it should be treated no differently than HIV as far as disclosing that to a partner.  But since most everyone will get a form of HPV in their lifetime, I wouldn’t worry about it.  You wouldn’t want them to blame you for an Hpv related cancer when it very well could have been anyone else in their past.  If you are dating a virgin, then that’s a different story.  But remember, condoms do not protect against Hpv.  Good luck.  Hope this helps. 


So i would wait and see how the dates progress. If you become more serious having dated for a few months and looking like boyfriend material you could bring up. Most doctors have said not necessary to disclose as most people been exposed to strain but its what your comfortable with. Best of luck.


Thanks. Yeah, I’m wondering if it can be passed on if HPV is negative. Has anyone talked to their doctor about this? I didn’t get a chance to ask. 



I havent been tested for HPV because I dont think the NHS bothers if your smear shows CIN3.  A large proportion of the sexually active population has had HPV at some point.  My immune system (for some reason) hasn't fought off HPV and therefore has made me succeptible to cancer. No one "gave me cancer". I can't "give someone cancer" by having sex with them. 




  • 09/08/18. Positive smear - High grade (severe) dyskaryosis
  • 22/08/18. Colposcopy - CIN3
  • 14/09/18. Lletz - CIN3 with unclear margins
  • 07/12/18 Lletz  - CIN3 with unclear margins and VAIN3 
  • 14/01/19 MRI 
  • 29/01/19 PET-CT 
  • 15/02/19 scans indicate 2cm tumour
  • 26/02/19 RH (postponed due to virus)
  • 05/03/19 RH
  • 08/04/19 No evidence of malignancy

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